Star Wars Day – The Rainbow Factory

We had heard great things about the Rainbow Factory and have been super keen to make the trip across the Pennines to get our little adventurers to test out the attraction.  When we saw they had an event dedicated to Star Wars Day, I knew it would be too good to miss for our Star Wars mad little adventurers.

What is the Rainbow Factory

I discovered the Rainbow Factory on twitter and loved the ethos and purpose of the attraction.  The Rainbow Factory is an interactive storytelling play centre which brings traditional stories to life. The attraction immerses youngsters in a world of adventure and fun and aims to improve literacy standards by encouraging a love of stories in all their forms.  In today’s society where there is a lot of focus on technology or soft play the rainbow Factory sounded like a perfect balance and return to old fashioned fun with lots of imagination and creativeness thrown in!

What was the Star Wars Day

We arrived at the attraction and it is based inside an office unit, the kids were a little unsure but we needn’t have worried as once you enter the actual attraction, there was a lovely whimsical fairy tale feel.  As we visited for the Star Wars Day, all the activities and theme was based around this topic but I am sure it is a magical day out any day of the week.  In the main room of the Rainbow Factory there is a lovely stage and the event began with a short exchange and story between all the staff.  What was apparent in the first few minutes was how welcoming and genuinely lovely the staff were.  They were all smiles, helped really break the ice and get the children into the spirit of the event.  The staff were all dressed as various characters and it was really apparent that they were keen to really make the event a magical and fun event for the kids.



The event was split into 5 activities, two hands on Jedi training areas, one was practicing with light sabers followed onto a little obstacle course, which was testing the team working, dexterity and keeping their nerve in the dark.  I loved both of these were great at getting the children involved into the star wars theme and made the event really enjoyable.  I have gorgeous videos of my kids trying their utmost with their training and the effort and attention.  The event was aimed at children 7+ but there were several younger children there and the staff ensured that all the children got involved and could participate like any other child.



The children then had a small break, there was a lovely little cafe with seating selling hot drinks, snacks all which were reasonably priced.  I loved that they adapted a few items to fit in with the theme.  My kids loved the fruit sabers, Zayn was actually reluctant to eat his!  During the break a Storm Trooper arrived which got the children really excited and they all swarmed around him in a little frenzy.



The next two activities were more crafty, with the first allowing the children to make their own light sabers and a star wars story board.  Maya loved this activity the most and would have spent the entire time in this area alonge perfecting her star wars storyboard.  The final craft activity was making a potion and it was great to see all the children rigorously stirring to ensure their part of the finished product was colourful and the best they could make it.  The event finished with a few star wars themed games and ended with a battle between the Jedi and the dark side, with lots of cheering as the Dark side was overcome!




What we thought

  • I thought the Rainbow factory is a lovely, unique day out.  For me as a parent, I loved that there is something different out there for families to do.  I am not a big fan of soft play areas and generally find the attractions which are being opened almost a carbon copy of another.  Here Rainbow Factory offers families something different, a fun day out where children can be left to children.  Creating, imagining and having lots of old fashioned fun.
  • The staff were lovely and really engaging with the children.  There was a genuine desire to get the children talking, playing and having a really good time.  The activities are also really designed to let parents get involved with their children and have lots of good quality time together.  From helping them in the obstacle course, building the light saber or putting together a story for your board, there is plenty of opportunity to get involved with your children.
  • The length of the event was 2 hours and was the right length for an evening event.  I thought the length of each activity was ideal as well as the children had enough time to make a real attempt at the activity but no so long as to make them lose interest.  The children were moved around to all the activities which I think is great as some like Maya would stick to the one attraction that she enjoyed the most.
  • My Star Wars mad fans had a a fantastic time and they all left with the hugest smiles on their faces, I have so many of Zayn literally grinning from ear to ear.  The activities were great for the children from ages 5 – 10 years old and there was more then enough to keep them entertained for the duration.


We made a short video of our time at the Rainbow Factory below, the attraction have lots of themed vents but there normal activities sound perfect for families.  We cannot wait to return in September and have the little adventurers try these out.  More information about the Rainbow Factory can be found here.




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