Day 33 & 34 Adaaran Meedhapparu Maldives – A true paradise

Day 34 and 35 Adaaran Maldives

“It’s like being in paradise” said Raihan, it’s like “swimming in an aquarium” said Maya, “best holiday ever” said Zayn! These are the words that will forever stay with me and be synonymous with our adventure in the Maldives.

Welcome to the Maldives!! We arrived yesterday in the Maldives after a rather dramatic and sad end to our time in Sri Lanka. The Maldives always looked truly idyllic but you often wonder if the reality is as beautiful as the pictures.  Having spent the last 36 hours in the country I can assure you, it’s even better than you can imagine.  We are spending the next 5 nights in the Adaaran resorts, with the first three in the Meedhupparu resort. We arrived yesterday at Male airport and were met by the staff of the resort and it was such a lovely welcome break having someone else sort out all the details and take charge.  I adore adventure travel and independently making our way around countries but once in a while, having all the details sorted out by the hotel makes life so much easier. We were taken to the sea plane but before we embarked on the carrier, we waited at the hotel lounge. Maya’s face when we arrived at the lounge was a sight to behold and she was totally wowed by it.  The sea plane was an incredible experience. The views of the Maldives were breathtaking, uninhabited islands scattered throughout the Indian ocean. So many islands to see and they all look so unreal, gorgeous turquoise seas flowing into powdery white sandy beaches. Seeing is truly believing. I am not a great flier and a sea plane especially through the clouds is like being on a rollercoaster. I was petrified but my little Adventurers were screaming with pure glee.  We actually landed in the middle of the ocean and the photographs at the airport had people walking onto the beach so my little adventurers thought they would be swimming to shore (much to my horror!) but in reality we were taken to the island on a boat.


Adaaran Meedhapparu is an amazing resort. Even though it may not be that well known as a family friendly resort we have found it to be amazing! There is a playground onsite, the pool is shallow enough for even you children and most importantly it is truly beautiful, the accommodation is perfect for families and the sea life is just incredible.   Just from the pier you can see thousands of fish and even Maya who is a super confident swimmer was a little scared as she said there is so many fish you cant swim anywhere without touching one. One important thing for me is the amount of space you have in your accommodation.  The villas are stunning and there is ample space for us all. After travelling with our little adventurers over the last few years I have started to prefer resorts and hotels which offer something different to families, I have found that all hotels cater for families and often those which may not be labelled as being family friendly are better choices.


Our villa is located on the beach front and is one of the water villas. We arrived just as the sun was setting so we couldn’t really appreciate the view. This morning we woke and the little Adventurers were so excited to see the views, that they ran out to admire and what a view. We are literally on beach and the turquoise sea is just there. We watched the sunrise and I adore that my little Adventurers were so excited that they ran out in their pyjamas.  It is like a true paradise escape


This morning we spent snorkelling both on the sea near our villa and also the pier, the later which was literally schools and schools of fish.  Doc and I have been to the great barrier reef and the sea life here is just as amazing as any we saw there.  One of my  highlights and funny how life works out, in Sri Lanka we went on a boat for hours to see whales and dolphins yet here we were stood on the beach and we suddenly saw 3 dolphins swimming near our resort .  The little Adventurers were super brave and dived into the sea and some of my favourite pictures will be of our boy Adventurers jumping off the pier ♥️  We spent the afternoon at the beach and the amazing swimming pool. I adore adventure holidays but for quality family travel time where you can unwind, relax and reconnect a resort break, especially one in the Maldives, cannot be beaten. Tonight we went to feed some fish at 9:30pm and even before we saw the fish feeding it was a truly wonderful sight, there was stingrays the size of the little adventurers swimming around and so many fish out in the sea.  As an adult I found it an incredible sight, I can only imagine it being even more incredible to be seeing it through the eyes of my little adventurers.

We have 4 more nights in the Maldives and we cannot wait to share these with you.


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