Day 37 Adaaran Vadoo

Day 37 – Amazing Adaraan Vadoo and sleeping in an ocean villa

What a day, when we thought the Maldives couldn’t get anymore beautiful we arrived at the Adaaran Vadoo for the reminder of our stay in this amazingly beautiful country and have been totally blown away.

It was an early morning start as we had a seaplane to catch at 8am. So before this we had to pack up all of our suitcases, check out and have breakfast.  I love sea planes and it was an experience worth trying at least once.  Flying over the islands was incredible and I am still in awe of the turquoise blues of the sea and the islands in the oceans truly look like something from the big screens.  The photos look so surreal even though I could see them for myself.  I will be honest, landing a sea plane is a little frightening experience.  As we approached the jetty for landing at Male, the city below us looked so close and it was a little frightening (not that the little Adventurers batted an eyelid!)


From there it was a short 10 minute boat ride to Adaaran Vadoo and I think with children this is an ideal solution.  After the seasick experience at Marissa I was a little nervous of getting on board the speedboat but needn’t have worried as I didn’t feel sick at all and it was quite an enjoyable (albeit a little bumpy) expedience.

We were greeted at the speedboat pier by the hotel staff and they had woven palm tree leaves Into an intricate necklace.  Vadoo Island is much smaller than Meedhapparu but it is how I imagined the Maldives.  The resort only has ocean villas which means there is a staircase from each villa to the ocean.  The villas are located on the ocean on stilts and there is the wooden pathways connecting them.  This is the image that is synonymous for me of the Maldives and it is really breathtaking.  No photo will do it justice and as I am currently putting my little Adventurers to bed, it all feels a little unreal.

The island is much smaller than the last island and means that everything is much closer.  We are again staying on an all inclusive package and this time this includes all the snorkel equipment and the bottom level of the mini bar (much to the delight of my little Adventurers.


After lunch we spent some  on the beach and as we had our snorkelling equipment to hand we thought we may do some snorkelling. However, as we started to walk into the ocean we spotted a stingray which put us all off snorkelling on this part of the island. Instead we headed back to our villa and we tried some snorkelling.  The water is really shallow which was a real surprise after the depth of the last resort.  There was lots of smaller fish and as the water was really calm we were able to really help our little adventures learn to snorkel.

We left the pool as the sunset.  There is lots of buggies to take guests across the resort but I love walking around the site and it makes you really appreciate the beauty of the island.  In the evening we headed over to the restaurant and it was amazing to see the star speckled sky and walk across the wooden platforms passing by all of the villas.  As we approached the beach we saw so many crabs coming down the beach to the ocean.  It was amazing and my little adventurers were in awe.

We are ending the day with seeing some traditional dancing and after being away for 15 hours Zayn fell fast asleep.   Overall, I have been really impressed with Vadoo island and it a truly beautiful, idyllic small island which packs in so much into such a small island.  Tomorrow is another day to have fuin, relax and enjoy the amazing country that is Maldives!


I am a traveller, mother and blogger. We love to go on adventures (big and small, near and far) and strive to show our children how amazing and beautiful the world is! I caught the travel bug many moons ago and despite having three little adventurers, I still suffer from "itchy" feet. We love the great outdoors and one another. Come and join the fun :)

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