Who are the Five Adventurers?

Firstly, a big hello and thank you for stopping by our page.  We are a British family living in the North of England and the Five Adventurers is our blog to document our travels across the globe and those closer to home.  We started our blog as a way for us to record and remember all the trips and adventures we make, hoping one day for it to be our way of staying in touch with family and friends as we set off to see the world for a year or two!.  We love to travel and have been lucky to explore lots of the world since we got married in 2006.  With the arrival of our little adventurers life took us down a different path but travelling with our little adventurers in tow has been as rewarding and enjoyable as any of the trips we had done before.  Seeing the world through the eyes of even the youngest of adventurers beings the magic of our great planet alive with most of us adults fail to see.  Our blog has lots of ideas for days out, travel inspiration and tips of how to travel with little adventurers.  We have an ever increasing bucket list of travels which is growing everyday, but as we hope to work our way through the list as fast as we can.  So carry on reading to learn more about the Five Adventurers!

We have had an amazing year with the blog from filming with the National Trust to appearing in the Mail on Sunday.  We have taken adventures which we may not have considered and are proud finalists in the 2015 MAD Blog Awards for Best Family Travel Blog.  Its been a really exciting ride with our blog and we it continues to grow with each passing year 🙂


You can can download our PR Media Kit to find out about our website and all the brands we have worked with.

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I am the main writer on this page and the blog is fast becoming my fourth baby.  I am fiercely proud of my heritage and my adventurers who never cease to amaze me.  I dream big and want my children to grow up with the knowledge that they can achieve and do whatever their hearts’ desire.  I did the whole career thing (I am both a qualified investment advisor and solicitor), but then found my true calling as a full time mum.  Honestly, it makes a 9-5 job seem like a walk in the park.  I love to travel and want to see everywhere and anywhere, my philosophy is that an adventure is to be had wherever you find yourself in the world.  Every experience, shapes who we are as an individual and the more we see the more accepting we are of others, that is one of the things I truly want to instil in my little adventurers to help us forget our prejudices and have a more accepting future generation.  My ultimate dream is to travel for a continuous period, making the world a classroom for my children!



Father's Day

Doc aka Ashiq is genuinely one of the nicest people you will meet. EVER. He is immensely intelligent, the type in movies which reach epic genius proportions, but he’s forever doubting himself. He has more letters after his name then any other person I know and was awarded his Doctorship after the arrivals of our older two adventurers.  Doc is one of the world’s leading thermal phosphors engineer and makes me so incredibly proud as his research is cited so many articles and journals.  Doc has a real love for gadgets and learning, he is a cross between Inspector Gadget ad the little Chinese boy from the Goonies and always makes me smile with his latest found must have contraption. He is always learning and has an inquisitive nature which means he’s forever seeking answers to an infinite number of questions. He is a loving father and husband who spends every waking moment making sure me and the kiddies are smiling. Doc is one of the blessings I am most thankful for!



My beautiful, amazing, funny, articulate daughter. Holding her in my arms for the first time, I realised what maternal instinct is and what true love feels like. She is the apple of her dad’s eye and is often found deep in her fathers embrace. Her inquisitive and quick mind vastly increases my desire to show her as many new things as possible. Maya is so creative and spends countless hours doing artistic things. One of the sounds which lifts my heart, even from the saddest of places, is her laughter. Maya has this laugh of heartfelt glee and almost erupts out of her despite her bests efforts to keep it in.  It is possibly the most heart warming sound I have ever heard!  Maya is very much her fathers daughter and wonders about the most eclectic things often leaving me speechless and completely at a loss on how to even answer her queries.  Maya is our little adrenaline junkie and is a little too adventurous, always seeking the craziest and most daring rides and roller coasters whilst Doc and I have our hearts in our mouth!




My gorgeous and generous boy spends hour after hour jumping, climbing and being a typical boy. With a dinosaur infatuation (he’s our walking, talking dino encyclopaedia), Raihan personifies every stereotype one associates with a boy.  There is a sweet and generous side to his personality which as he grows has really begun to flourish.  Raihan is always looking out for his big sister and little brother in a very loving and protective manner.  Until recently, Raihan had always been in his sister shadow but in the last few months he has come out of his shell and developed into the beautiful boy he is.  Raihan is our athlete in the family, always zooming from room to room and leaving destruction in his path.  Compared to his sister he is much tamer, always apprehensive and reluctant to try anything outside his comfort zone.




Our baby boy!  Zayn is the most mischievous one by far and despite being born with a very bad illness has grown from strength to strength. Always in and out of everything, curiosity seems to be his middle name.  I have learnt the hard way that leaving him alone for two minutes is a recipe for disaster and if I cannot hear him he is definitely doing something he shouldn’t be.  Our youngest adventurer knows no fear and literally jups head first into everything, whether it be a pool of water (he cant swim!) or a crazy ride!  That said Zayn has a beautiful inner glow and a smile that you cannot stay mad at for too long, we always get comments on his smiling nature and strangers often stop to say hello and watch his antics.


Below is a quick video of us at Five Adventurers, sums us up in 1 minute!

So that is us, we are always like to hear from you so please feel free to contact us on info@fiveadventurers.com 🙂

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