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Best theme parks in UK

As a person who hates rides, I have (nor surprisingly!) been blessed with adventurers who are adrenaline junkies and adore visiting theme parks.  Maya is totally crazy and will go on any ride that she is tall enough for and I am left standing on the ground with my heart literally in...


What is the right age to visit Disney?

As you have gathered, we travel A LOT with our children and Disney is something very high on most travel wishlist for children.  I have been asked what is the perfect age to take children to Disneyland / DisneyWorld,  and whether children will be too young or old to experience...


FastPass Disneyland Paris

Planning for a holiday with children can be quite stressful, and trying to plan a Disney holiday even more so.  We have lots of tips on this post, but I have been seeing lots of questions on how the fast passes system works in Disneyland Paris.  So here’s all you...