Why you should visit Thailand in rainy season

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As you all know we are from lovely Lancashire, UK.  The weather where we are is usually dull, grey, cold and it rains A LOT!  So we often look to holiday away in sunnier climes, in fact we once missed a whole winter chasing summer around the world.  I found some fabulous flight deals last summer to Thailand and only after we booked them did I realise that we would be visiting in the middle of the monsoon season.  I was then panic checking the weather forecasts and reading posts on what Thailand is like in rainy season and was getting more and more worried.  I needn’t have, as we had the most magical time in Thailand and its definitely moved very near the top in for family friendly destinations.  So I thought I would write a post of why you should visit Thailand in rainy season.

So how wet is the rainy season in Thailand

The rainy season is from July – October, and I have read posts covering all the variants from such heavy downpours that it left water logged roads in Chiang Mai to others only being caught up in one storm in the entire stay of weeks.  We were in Thailand for 2 weeks in mid August, there wasn’t a single drop of rain in our 4 days in Bangkok and in both Chiang Mai, there was be about an hour of rain during the day and it never caused much mess and would clear straight away with the heat once it stopped!  In fact the storms were perfect to time in some downtime for the kids and have a nap before an afternoon and evening of fun!

You get to play in the monsoon

I am a huge fan of Bollywood films, and always loved seeing the actors / kids playing in the monsoon rain.  In the UK my children do not stop playing outside in the rain but its always cold, miserable and despite having tons of layers its not a fun experience.  Whereas our time in Chiang Mai, it was amazing.  Whilst staying at the Dhara Dhevi, we saw a fantastic monsoon shower and as it was still 35 degrees I had no qualms in the children dancing in the rain.  I love this video of my little adventurers and they had the best time ad that look of glee on Maya’s face is priceless!

You get to see mother nature at its finest

You may have been caught in storms and rains at home, but sitting and watching a monsoon rain is nothing short of spectacular.  I have a thing about rain, but the monsoon rain are huge droplets like those you imagine in the books, makes the drizzle at home seem a little pitiful.   What I love even more crazy is the instant it stops, the water disappears and life continues and all is dry instantly.  Its great to teach weather to children 🙂  And for me that smell of a post monsoon shower, is one of the best smells, its a feeling of everything being fresh and new.  You need to have smelt it to know!

Hotels are cheaper

SwimFin Krabi

Thailand offers great value for money  but off season even more so.  We love a nice hotel and now with kids in tow, we always make sure that the hotel choices are great for families.  However, in school holidays you will always notice a nice hike in prices which can make it really hard for families to afford to travel.  However, our choices of Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Krabi were all the side of the monsoon and in Bangkok and Krabi we managed to find fantastic deals with rooms under $50 including breakfast per night 🙂

Businesses are willing to knock down prices


As we walked around Ao Nang in Krabi, businesses from food places to massage places (best thing ever with kids) are willing to knock down or offer discounts on everything.  Thailand is much cheaper then a beach holiday in Europe and you can easily eat out and get a massage for less then 5 each!  We got a bit of a shock once we arrived in Singapore compared to Thailand!

You will have the entire swimming pool and beach to yourself

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We literally had the pool in Bangkok and the pool in Krabi to ourselves.  I often worry about the children being rowdy when its really busy and am always on alert ready to watch for any misbehavior but as there was no one around it was really relaxing for the adults too!  We visited the beach every morning of our stay in Krabi and had the whole stretch of beach to ourselves.  With the monsoon, the temperatures aren’t as high as they can be in the peak seasons and with lots of cloud cover it is perfect not to get too much sun on young children’s skin!

SwimFin Bangkok


Much more laid back and enjoyable

Going to exotic destinations can often put families with young children off as it can be a bit of a culture shock.  However, with it being off season, there was a much more relaxed feel to all the places we visited.  The streets were quieter as were the roads; it felt really laid back and perfect when you are travelling with children.  I compare our time here to visiting popular UK attractions in summer and they are worlds apart.

We loved, loved Thailand, our children still talk of it with so much excitement and I love all the adventures we had.  If you are considering it for the summer, I would wholeheartedly recommend it.  Even in the rain, there is so much fun to had and in fact it may even be better with children in tow 🙂


I am a traveller, mother and blogger. We love to go on adventures (big and small, near and far) and strive to show our children how amazing and beautiful the world is! I caught the travel bug many moons ago and despite having three little adventurers, I still suffer from "itchy" feet. We love the great outdoors and one another. Come and join the fun :)

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  1. Notmyyearoff says:

    It looks amazing!! I’d love to go there one day just to sit on that beach and swim in that pool! We’ve only done a trip to the geo kilim rainforest and that was really nice.

  2. I haven’t been to Asia in the rainy season but i’ve been to a few other places out of their peak weather season and like you say, half the time you get the odd downpour and bits of cloud and that’s it. I definitely prefer a proper short deluge to drizzle (well, as long as i’m not out in it at the start of a long day). With school holiday restrictions on the horizon, that’s a good tip for August too.

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