Dreaming of Dubai – The adventures we would love!

dubai beach

The call for prayers resound through the streets, the smell from the sacks of spices in the souks enchant the senses, intricate buildings from a time passed juxtaposed alongside some of the most futuristic buildings, you know you are in for an adventure of a lifetime.  For me Dubai is a destination which ticks all the boxes, with year-round sunshine, stunning beaches, breathtaking deserts, luxurious hotels and shopping malls (with every imaginable name and brand), fascinating heritage and most importantly, activities which suit every type of traveller and budget.

I started my blog as I love sharing the best of travel from all across the globe and really showcase what destinations are like when you are there travelling and where possible help to change people’s misconceptions of destinations.  We have had wonderful adventures in the Emirates and are eager to have the opportunity to enjoy these with our little adventurers, yet so many travellers have preconceptions of the country.  I love to really show what we thought of Dubai and show that Dubai is a fabulous destination for a memorable holiday!

When we were asked by Tots 100 what our #DXBDreams would be and what our activities would we like to try, the little adventurers and I put our head together and made the following video.

Dubai is as Maya said, literally jam-packed with activities for every budget, type, age of traveller and thats one of the things I loved about the country.  So here’s why we chose the activities we did!

Dubai From the Air!

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To really appreciate anywhere in the world, a bird eye view will truly leave a last impression on you!



So for our aerospace mad, engineering Doc, only the latest and coolest way of exploring Dubai from the sky would suffice.  Most people choose to Sky Dive or hot balloon but we like to do things a little differently. These Gyrocopters look an amazing way to really take the sites and being in totally awe of the majesty that seeing the tallest building in the world, Palm Island, Atlantis.  Not only would Doc enjoy the experience but being in a copter and learning how it works would be just as much part of the experience.


Dubai from the Water!

Dolphins Bay & Aquaventure


Maya loves to get up close and play with animals and dolphins have been top of her list for so long.  On the other hand she’s a real adrenaline junkie, always the first to queue and get on anything she is tall enough too.  I love that she gets the best of both worlds with the Dolphin Bay, as this also includes entry into Aquaventure.  She would get have the chance to really get hands on with an animal she is enchanted by and then couple it with some of the fastest water rides in the world. Xanax usually is prescribed by neurologists or psychiatrists. The drug https://www.hearteasy.com/valium-diazepam-online-cheap-price/ has an international name – “Alprazolam”. It’s a tranquilizer. It has a mild sedative effect, reduces the excitability of the nerve centers of the thalamus and hypothalamus.  I love Aquaventure as even the youngest of little adventurers can have a go, with the awesome lazy river, what a great way to relax and take in the sight and sounds of an adventure.  The water slides are all amazing, unique and will get your heart racing and legs trembling!

United Arab Emirates-Aquaventure Dubai tourism destinations

Whilst at Aquaventure, the perfect way to end a magical day would be to visit the Cold Stone Creamery, it is no additional cost, just pay for what ice creams you buy.  Not only will the children have the chance to make their own ice cream, they can watch the ice cream throwing antics of the staff (think of the ice cream version of cocktail bar waiters, I know how cool right?) and its definitely the only way to eat ice cream!

The Turtle Rehabilitation Centre


One perception of Dubai is that it is really expensive but there is so many free activities that you will be amazed what is on offer, and I love that these are still world class activities, just super affordable.  One thing I am really keen on, is raising our little adventurers to try and help and contribute to the well being of our planet.  I love the Rehabilitation Centre and all the work they do, for visitors they are able to see the turtles at the Madinat hotel.  On Wednesday at 11, visitors are also given the opportunity to feed the turtles, they also allow children to get involved.  I think its a fantastic activity to enjoy and best of all it is free!  One thing I would love to experience, would be the release of the turtles who have been nursed back to full health back out into the sea.  Just today, they released 100 critically endagnered turtles back to the sea.  Its for experiences like this I travel and this would be an amazing thing for children to see first hand, and shows with love and care, things can be restored back to health!

If you do visit, a wonder around the Madinat hotel is definitely worth a few hours, it is a stunning hotel which pays real homage to Dubai’s heritage and the boats are an amazing way to see the grounds!

Dubai from Earth

Sand boarding

Photo by Globovision

Photo by Globovision

The sand dunes of Dubai need little introduction.  Whereas most people love to see and explore them, they often do these on a jeep whilst dune bashing.  However, we love to get our little adventurers to get hands on when they can.  My kids, especially Zayn love sledging, with no sign of snow, we decided to try dune sledging instead but the UK sand dunes just didn’t compare.  However, the sand dunes in the Dubai desert would be amazing and these sand boarding / sand sledging activities would be right up our little adventurers street.  I can already imagine them running up the dunes having a try at this, with no fear or reluctance (or even noticing the heat!).  What an amazing way to create memories and they would be one of very few children who have had the chance to try this in the amazing desert.

Sandboarding skakopmund

Taking a break in Dubai

Yoga at night

Dubai can be very full on, and travelling with children certainly is!  I am always busy with my little adventurers (or family, or scouts) and get very little opportunity to take time out for activities for myself, especially on our travels.  My little adventurers and Doc, tasked themselves for the last activity to find an activity that they would love for me to try to get some “me time” if we were in Dubai.  Every night, for the last week, they have been scouring the internet for an activity they think I would love.  They came back with the idea of Yoga at night on the beach in front of the Burj Khalifa  I love the look at yoga at night and think it would be an incredible experience, a chance to have some me time, a bit of a break and to destress.  If that all didn’t sound wonderful enough, to have the chance to do it in such beautiful surroundings would make it an unforgettable travel experience.


This is our entry into the Tots100/Visit Dubai #DXBDreams blogger challenge to have a chance to win a holiday of a lifetime!

But that’s not all… there’s a chance for you to win a holiday too!!

If my entry is chosen as the winner, Dubai Tourism will select the best reader comment on what they would love to do in Dubai from those left on my blog post.  The reader will then win a family holiday of their own! So get commenting too stand a chance 🙂


I am a traveller, mother and blogger. We love to go on adventures (big and small, near and far) and strive to show our children how amazing and beautiful the world is! I caught the travel bug many moons ago and despite having three little adventurers, I still suffer from "itchy" feet. We love the great outdoors and one another. Come and join the fun :)

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39 Responses

  1. Rizwana Patel says:

    Those activities sound fab! Wouldn’t mind trying them out when we do eventually return to Dubai (not booked but would love to go)! It’s been 12yrs since I last went, I can’t even imagine how much it’s changed! Great article as usual X

  2. Mummy Fever says:

    I fell in love with Dubai a long time ago but I would love to wow my children with Dubai and get them under the spell too. It wouldn’t take long of course because Dubai has something for everyone and there is like you said plenty of free things to do as well so it’s not always necessary to spend a fortune on these things. I’d indulge myself with the turtles as I find them fascinating; whilst my crazy family would no doubt enjoy throwing themselves down some of the water slides. We’d all love the fountains and Dolphin Bay would be a dream come true.

    Good luck with your entry x

  3. Sharon says:

    What a gorgeous post about such a gorgeous location. Stunning colours – only being there for real can beat them. You can add in the smells and the sounds and, of course, the delicious warmth. Such a unique location – paradise for kids. Good luck 🙂

  4. Amera says:

    Dubai, our first love , everything gets compared against it, but no one can beat it ! We have been visiting Dubai yearly from before having kids and now the oldest is already 5! Every year we’ve enjoyed different things , it’s definitly got something for everyone. Jumeirah Beach, wild wadi, aqua adventure . And so many indoor entertainments too that we love to visit , magic planet, snow done, kidzania, the best under water world ( we’ve even been Singapore but Dubai comes out on top) in one of the most amazing malls. Our list of what to do, cafes to try is endless every year you never get tired of Dubai . Walking around the souks, visiting the deira area , so many love locations in such close proximity and let’s not forget Abu Dhabi, 2 hrs drive away and Ferrari world and has water world there is no limit to having fun in Dubai again and again and again !

    Good luck to you and yet another amazing /inspiring blog, hope you win , hope we win to .

  5. Yasmeen Hussain says:

    What an amazing entry and LOVE your video. You should be very proud of Maya, its one of the best entries I have seen. Dubai is amazing and we had one of the best holidays ever when we went in 2003. I would love to take my daughter back again and enjoy this amazing city with her but as she’s now in her 20s it will be a new experience for us both. The shopping both in the souks and malls looks amazing, dune bashing and the water parks, and I’d love to see the fountains! GOOD LUCK!

    • Nisbah says:

      Thanks for commenting Yasmeen, Dubai has changed loads in the last 13 years and in my opinion all for the better. I think your daughter and you would have the most amazing time, there really is something for all ages!

  6. Z Hussain says:

    Wow!! Such a cool entry and fingers crossed you get to win. Love Maya’s voice over especially when she’s talking about “going really fast”.

    I would love, love the chance to visit Dubai, its been on my wishlist forever. I would love the chance to take my mum and grandma and show them the sights of one of the best cities in the world. I have been very fortunate to see lots of the world and I would love the opportunity to take my mum away for once.

    I love that Dubai has something for everyone, so there will be enough for my 65 year old grandma, my mum and me to enjoy. My wishlist is visiting the mosque, enjoying the amazing food and as its all halal you can taste the whole world of food in one city! I would love to see the amazing sand dunes and even try something unique like falconry. Dubai really is the best place for everyone.

    Good luck 🙂

    • Nisbah says:

      Awww I love this comment and so lovely that you want to take your mum for once. Falconry would be amazing and some of the pictures I have seen look truly stunning.

  7. I really enjoyed your video, and it is lovely to hear from some-one who has been to Dubai and experienced it with young children.
    I particularly enjoyed the sand boarding idea, and I am going to dig out out sledge to take to our local beach.
    Of course, I hope to be going a little further than our local beach this year, as I would love nothing more than to be having my own adventure in Dubai with my family.
    My top 5 list is:
    1) Dolphin Bay – it is well known that these animals are amazing, and an encounter with them would be an experience that my family would remember forever. I love the variety of options available, so adrenalin junkies can scuba dive and young or reluctant visitors can meet the dolphins from shallow water.
    2) Mattel Play World – my children love soft play, but Dubai takes even this to a different level. They have education play centres that are so much fun the children won’t even realise they are learning. With lots of character themed adventures, like Thomas, and Bob the Builder, my kids would love to do this as an indoor retreat.
    3) The food. We are a family that likes eating, though admittedly my children can be a little fussy. Dubai has lots of buffets which are a perfect way to please everyone, and we would love to experience one.
    4) Dubai Fountains – oh my gosh, how mesmerising would this be. My children are also chatterboxes, but I reckon this display of water dancing to music would leave them speechless.
    5) A desert safari – to take my children to visit a Bedouin camp would be a really age appropriate way for them to learn a bit more about the history and culture of Dubai.

    Dubai really is the kind of place that would forever etch itself in your memory. The luxury, the culture, the sights and the sounds. The fabulous architecture alongside the miracle of nature. I get goosebumps just thinking about visiting.

    Best of luck with your entry.

    • Nisbah says:

      Mel, Dubai is amazing even with young children. We last went when we had two little adventurers aged 2 and 6 months. We all had a wonderful time, so much so we actually thought about moving there to live. Fab choices in your comments, the desert safari is really cool, they also include a camel ride, BBQ in the desert and some dancing which children will love!

  8. Don’t tell anyone else but yours is my favourite post. Your family are true adventurers and deserve to win. You’ve picked some unique ideas that I haven’t seen on other blog post entries – Yoga on the beach? That looks like it’s worth the flight alone. It looks so chilled which isn’t necessarily a word that has connotations with Dubai.

    I LOVE that Zayn would like to go Sandboarding – although I bet he could also go sledging on Dubai’s ski slope too and why not! It would be interesting to see the differences between the two (If you do win, you NEEED to buy a Go Pro and show us).

    I love that the kids have thought about mum and dad too and what they’d like to do – how cool does the gyrocopter look? I think this would be a good first day activity to really give you an overview of Dubai.

    Finally, how sweet is the Turtle Rehabilitation Centre? Again, another activity that surprised me about Dubai. I know my family would enjoy this too and it’s good that you can sneak some education into the holiday too I think.

    • Nisbah says:

      Awww thank you lovely. Your comment really made me smile! We do love adventures and love trying the best and most unique activities that a country has to offer. We already have a go pro, really need to get it out for our summer trip and would be amazing to capture Zayn zooming down the sand and snow! My little adventurers are really cute like that, Maya keeps asking if i’m getting my “me time holiday” hahahah!

  9. Aww I’m so jealous of your pictures, you all look so happy. Swimming with dolphins is a dream of mine, I’m hoping that one day I’ll be able to do it and just hope I’ll look as happy as you do in the pictures.

  10. I am with Zayn – I would love to try sandboarding. I think using it as a sledge might be the answer to not falling off too! I would love to see the rolling dunes and nothing but sand. Not so sure about the gyro copter but I am pretty sure that is the kind of activity that my husband would love too. I think it is easy to forget how many free activities that Dubai has to offer.There really is something for every budget.

    • Nisbah says:

      Louise, the sand dunes are stunning. Its really quite humbling when all you see is sand in every direction and how small we really are in this big, vast world. Sand boarding does look fab, I can just imagine my kids whizzing down the dunes. There is tons of free activities and even those which don’t break the bank.

  11. Great post Nisbah so cute, ooh I never though of Yoga on the beach do you know I keep threatening to start Yoga how amazing to do your first ever Yoga lesson on the beach with the Burj Al Arab in the distance wow. And whilst I am doing that the boys can go off and see the blooming giant crock they are dying to see because there is no way I will be visiting a crock it is my biggest phobia, I have bad dreams about them, so odd!

    But oooh the Gyrocopter would be incredible, and that view of the palm can you imagine getting a photo of the palm, this would blow my mind and is on my photograph wish list, I have a list of things I want to feature on the front page of my blog and the palm is one. The last time Jack and Joe were in a helicopter was at the Grand Canyon Joe waited till it was quiet and shouted Jacks a Lady through the headsets the other guests were crying, Jack not so much so Joe may have needed a parachute had they been sat together ha ha.

    I too would love to swim with the Dolphins there is something so calming about them and Joe was not born last time we did this so another first for our whole family, and the turtles, oh I love turtles its one of my dreams to see them on the beach but I never have, I always miss them but I could spend hours watching them they are quite friendly aren’t they we used to have some visit us everyday in Florida in the lake. I also had one eye out for an Alligator thankfully I never saw one. The Turtle centre sounds perfect I would definitely be there Wednesday at 11.

    Bu also just to see the sunset from the beach and too get that elusive me and mine picture on the beach that I keep failing at, Dubai might just be the pace to get that shot. It just seems to have it all, and IMG worlds of adventure wow, wow, wow it looks so much fun and the fact that it is inside and air-conditioned sounds so perfect, sometimes the hot sun can make you a bit weary in a them park so this sounds so amazing. The best of luck to all lovely it’s such a wonderful opportunity x

    • Nisbah says:

      Thanks Sarah, Dubai really is amazing! I would wholeheartedly recommend it and I love that they keep adding new things so its always improving and has something new everytime you visit. The yoga and gyrocopters look amazing don’t they? I would love to go with my little adventurers and think it would really be a holiday of a lifetime!

  12. Pete says:

    I have read through a lot of the entries for this amazing competition and every time I read one, my own dream itinerary changes.
    I have two young children so the beach is always a great destination for us. I think my family would really enjoy Kite Beach, especially if we could go when the festival was on.
    Dubai also has a superb selection of water parks, which are ideal for cooling off and for giving your kids one of the best days EVER! Atlantis seems like one of the most popular,probably because of the Dolphin experience. And my kids are big animal lovers.
    Funnily, I wouldn’t automatically think of visiting Dubai for the wildlife, but as well as the Dolphins, I would also love to see the amazing work at Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project, and visit the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. And possibly a camel ride, I would certainly like to ‘meet’ a camel! Are they friendly? I would have to play that one by ear!
    Of course the real reason I would like to win a holiday for my family is because they are the world to me. And although I don’t doubt they love me too, I think this might just put me in the running for the best Dad ever. It would definitely help in my ambition of getting more than just socks for Father’s day!
    Also, we live in a small village. My children don’t have much opportunity to learn about new cultures, yet I feel that as a parent, teaching my children to understand and respect all individuals, is a paramount task. Where better to learn about diversity than Dubai – the international destination, that can make your dreams come true.
    This would be the experience of a lifetime. Good luck with your entry.

    • Nisbah says:

      Pete, love your comment! Fingers crossed for us both…. Dubai is amazing though and even if you don’t win, i would wholeheartedly recommend it as a family holiday destination. Atlantis is fab and I love that you can do the dolphin experience and it includes tickets to the water park. Another great option is Wild Wadi, its a fab day out and is really fab especially for younger children.

  13. Emma says:

    There is something about experiencing a city at night that always etches it into your memory. Sailing into Hong. Kong, watching fireworks in New York and a night safari in Malawi all have a special place in my heart. The peace and tranquility of yoga on the beach would be the perfect end to a fast paced day exploring, and the view of the skyline would paint it’s own place in my dreams.

  14. Carmen Bateman says:

    Our family loves Dubai and believe it is the best family holiday destination ever! An inspirational place, with so much to see and do, not just its year round sunshine and gorgeous beaches. The warm, unsurpassable hospitality you receive will guarantee it a place in your family’s heart. Dubai has the World’s best of everything, including horse racing, water parks, cuisine, shopping mall – complete with ice rink and aquarium inside, tallest building and must see musical fountain. There’s no poverty, and the public transport is easily accessible and inexpensive. Give it a go; the entire holiday will be the best family thrill ride they’ve ever been on! You’ll also be pleasantly surprised by what excellent value it is.

    • Nisbah says:

      Carmen it is definitely one of the best destinations for family adventures. Im always surprised that people have so many misconceptions of Dubai, because it is one of the bets places that we have visited and it is soooo family orientated. I love telling people about why they should visit and showing them how much there is there.

  15. Having shared a helicopter ride through the Grand Canyon with my wife I know there’s no way she’d consider the gyrocopter for a second! (That said, I imagine one would get a far better sense of perspective over Dubai given the greater number of reference points.) I’d just have to settle for getting her up the Burj Khalifa – I imagine you can see quite a few things when you’re standing half a kilometre up in the air!

    My children are still too small to enjoy some of activities on offer (I’d so love a desert safari!), but your idea about the Turtle Sanctuary is spot on – my two-year old would be in awe. It’s an amazingly immersive way to get children to engage with the wonders of nature – and perfect for anyone looking to stretch their budget.

    On the subject of budget stretching, quite a few museums are free or only modestly priced. I could spend way longer in the coin museum than my family would possibly tolerate, but I think I could offset that in the camel museum – everyone loves camels!

    The big blowout for me would be the Dolphin Bay/Aquaventure trip you recommend. What more is there to say – it’s world-class and wet. I’ll be honest, Poseidon’s Revenge looks a bit much for me, but as I’d be looking after little ones, I’d have an excuse to chicken out, right?!

    Finally – sticking with world-class and wet, the Dubai Fountain is surely an essential part of every visitor’s itinerary? When something that beautiful can be seen for free, it’d be a crime to miss it!

    Thanks for this outstanding post!

    • Nisbah says:

      Hi Niell, Dubai is amazing. We went for my 30th and would love to return with the kids. There is lots of free things and even going on the metro or a boat across the creek is so much fun and your young children will love them. The fountains are sublime, if you ever do go, I would recommend watching two as they are all different. They happen every half an hour, take a few snacks and its lovely for the kids to have a sit around and admire the burj khalifa from the ground and watch a few shows. fingers crossed

  16. What a brilliant post, you have really captured my imagination with this post and included so many utterly brilliant ideas of things to do there. You have got the perfect balance of relaxation and breahtaking adventures in your post and I now really want to go on a family holiday to Dubai myself! Yoga at night sounds like such a serene experience and Dolphins bay sounds like a special experience that you will all remember for a lifetime. I wish you lots of luck as I just know that the five of you would have the most amazing adventure in Dubai and I for would love to hear all about it, although I would probably end up booking a holiday myself after reading all about it xx

    • Nisbah says:

      Thanks so much Lindsay, Maya and I had lots of fun making it! we totally fell in love with Dubai when we went for my 30th. Its an amazing destination, so full of a variety of experiences that there is something for everyone. Thanks lovely, we have everything crossed, we would love to showcase how amazing Dubai is to everyone. xx

  17. Richard Beesley says:

    Dubai looks simply amazing. So much to do, so many different worlds all wrapped up in one gorgeous place. Looking at what Dubai has to offer, I’ve been really impressed by the range of family-friendly options – theme parks, indoor fun sessions, skate parks – as well as sports, stunning beaches, and entertainment.

    What I hadn’t realised was how much variety there is in Dubai in terms of food and culture. Our son is a huge foodie, despite being only 10, and would love visiting some of the restaurants and tasting the new flavours.

    As a family we would love to be able to visit Dubai, and experience just a taste of what is on offer. Our elder son loves nature, so would enjoy the different wildlife on show. And dad… well, quad-biking in the sand dunes would suit him perfectly. As for mum… of course Dubai is a shopper’s paradise! And I’m sure we would all enjoy a tour of historic Dubai, as well as the many museums. There truly is something for everyone.

    The hardest part will be choosing what to do. It really does seem that Dubai has it all, a wealth of opportunities to explore and experience.

    Dubai really is the city of possibilities and I want to ‘Discover All That’s Possible In Dubai’.

    • Nisbah says:

      Richard, Dubai is a foodie heaven! If you ever go, try the Dhow Cruise and the BBQs in the desert are amazing! There is so much to do for everyone, its a fabulous choice for family adventures.

  18. I think this is all so very true
    Dubai would be perfect – it is for me too
    Good luck with your entry and if you win
    Make room in your case, and please fit me in!

  19. emma says:

    Experiencing the electric atmosphere of a city at night etches it onto your memory. Sailing into Hong Kong, fireworks in New York and a night safari in Malawi all stand out from my travels. The peace and tranquility of yoga on the beach in Dubai would leave its own special mark. It would be the perfect antidote to a fast paced day exploring, sandboarding or whizzing down a waterpark. This unique destination is full of family fun, culture, adventure and luxurious relaxation – what more could you dream of?

    • Nisbah says:

      Sounds amazing doesn’t it? I would love to win and take all three of my little adventurers. There really is something for everyone. Love the sound of your travels, we are off to Hong Kong in the summer. Cant wait!

  20. Bernadette Cooke says:

    I would love to take my grandsons on a Dream Trip to Dubai – a clean, safe, family-friendly holiday destination, with plenty of activities to choose from for any age range. As well as relaxing on the beautiful golden sand of JBR Beach with its warm, calm and shallow waters we would all enjoy a dune-bashing safari followed by a camel ride and BBQ dinner in a Bedouin desert camp.

    We would visit the Dubai Museum in the Al Fahidi Fort to learn about life from a bygone era as a contrast to the amazing architecture of the modern city which we could view from the front or rear carriages of the driverless Dubai Metro system and then take it all in from the At The Top observation deck of the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building.

    The free and impressive Dubai Fountain water, light and music show can be watched from one of many waterfront cafes just outside the Dubai Mall. The malls in Dubai have many family attractions to choose from. The boys could try ice-skating, helped by the ‘penguin pals’, visit the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo and also see the giant 155 million year old dinosaur skeleton (DubaiDino), all in the Dubai Mall.

    The boys love theme parks and this summer Dubai will open the world’s largest indoor theme park – IMG Worlds of Adventure with four themed zones inside including Marvel, Cartoon Network, Lost Valley – Dinosaur Adventure and IMG Boulevard. This will be completely enclosed and temperature-controlled with 1.5 million square feet of entertainment space!

    Our only problem will be going home with so much more left for us to see and do in beautiful Dubai

  21. Rebecca Beesley says:

    I love the amazing video you have made and sandboarding…just wow! What a unique and ultimate adventure style thing to do on holiday in Dubai. That has to be my new ‘must-do’ activity. What an encouraging and inspirational story about the turtle rehabilitation – How incredible that with all the glitz and glamour commonly associated with Dubai that there is a place for so much care, nurturing and nature. I love it when the world can be shown how things can be made better with a little love and care.

  22. The swimming with Dophins photo made me smile!
    My dream is for me and my family to swim with Dolphins in Dubai (it makes me tear up at the thought!). I would love to do it in a much more natural setting than in a swimming pool and I have heard there are some amazing places to swim with them! I would love to visit Atlantis too as it would be a brilliant day for everyone (and I am a big kid). I also wouldn’t mind chilling on the beach with my boys, building sandcastles too. Just heaven!

  23. Fantastic entry, it looks like you’d have such an amazing time if you went to Dubai. The turtle rehabilitation centre looks fantastic; I think that would be a draw for me even if there weren’t so many other great things for families to do. You’ve got a really great mix too of adventure, water and just plain family fun. Good luck! I found it so tricky to whittle down the things that we would do if we were in Dubai as there was so much to choose from. It definitely has me dreaming of a once in a lifetime exotic holiday.

  24. Robyn Clarke says:

    Your itinerary looks amazing! I thought I had made a list, by you have just jumbled that up and I think I need a rethink!

    I had a look at the Visit Dubai website and there is so much to do. I would love to go to the Souks and buy some fabric to make cushions etc. I would also love to stock up on aromatic, exotic spices to liven up my cooking back home. My husband hates shopping, so I’d probably have to send him off to do something else, perhaps he would enjoy Dune bashing.

  25. Dubai really looks like a place that has something for everyone. I can see the adrenalin junkie in me wanting to view Dubai from the sky (there would be fear too). I would leave the giant water slide to my other half. I think sand sledging would appeal to the kid in all of us, but especially my ten year old boy. I think this would be something for him to remember for many years to come. Taking in the sights and sounds of Dubai would be a dream holiday, and one that we might need another holiday to recover from!

  26. Nazma says:

    Wow. Your blog is amazing. I am reading this at 2am and I was meant to quickly check your latest blogs but they are so addictive a read.
    I have been to Dubai twice, once on our honeymoon and then with our two boys. My kids have fallen in love with Dubai. We love the hot weather, the lazy days and nights relaxing. My favourite was when we went to the snow attraction in the mall. We were dressed in summer attire and by the time we left we were sooo chilled my eldest was in tears because he kept picking up the snow . But that day was totally amazing . I couldn’t believe wee were in Dubai . In a mall. But we we’re enjoying snow and tumbling down in big balls ????????????. And the snow slides, I think I was so excited by it all I felt like I was living my teen years again.
    Atlantis was another hit. I’m an adrenaline junkie but my eldest Muhammad and his dad are not. SO we had a big dilemma. So of I went to sit on all the big slides solo. I think that made me double scary. But honestly waterparks in Dubai including wild wadi are second to none in the world. In a league of its own. All the thrill and coupled with scorching hot weather so much fun in the sun . Kids had an amazing time in the kids area.

    Personally , we went to Abu Dhabi to try out the world s fastest roller coaster aswell- my husband couldn’t brave it! But I think we’ve only seen and experienced Dubai like a drop in the ocean.
    Gyro copters I didn’t even know you could do that, we would lov to try that and the turtle sanctuaries.
    Dune bashing makes us bit sick but sledging down the sand dunes would be a once in a lifetime experience.
    We would love to see parts of Dubai that are not touristy aswell. How real people live and spend there life . Bedouins.
    As you can see, I could never blog like you but I do like Dubai ????

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