photo 1I will be honest, prior to a review, I had little knowledge of Carddies and their products.  However, the company has received some great press recently, especially chosen by Travel by Bender as one of the best presents for travelling children.

So what are carddies?

Carddies simply described are “people” who live in a box. There were a number of different sets from fairies to nativity scene to football.  Here are the full list of all the different styles that are available.  Each set contains a back drop, 12 characters, stands and colouring pencils.  The children colour them in and so begins the start of endless play / story opportunities.  The pieces all fit back into the box, so its there for you to take them wherever you want.

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Our Review

carddiesGiven that we had entered the festive season, we decided to give the nativity set a try.  It was Doc’s birthday so we had Maya and three of our nieces there for the party.  We decided to take the set out and see if it was age appropriate for older children too.

carddiesThe characters are well made from strong cardboard and I love the stands which is one of my pet peeves when it comes to paper character activities as you can never make them stand up.  The characters are really well drawn and you can tell a lot of time and effort has been spent to make the drawings really appealing for children.  Maya and our nieces  really loved colouring them in and Maya and Raihan loved retelling the stories with them.  As they knew it would be used to tell stories after, the kids spent a lot of time making sure that their colouring was really nice, which meant that they were occupied for a while.  This activity easily kept the girl quiet for over an hour and Maya on her own would have been occupied for much longer.  Maya really enjoyed making the different stories and recreating various aspects of the nativity scene.

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This product is perfect for travelling or if you are are due to need to the children to be entertained for sometime.  I think it would be perfect for children for weddings or other occasions where you need a toy that isn’t bulky, messy but provides endless play opportunities.  I loved the fact that it was so compactly packaged and would easily fit into my handbag!

With Christmas around the corner, this is the ideal toy for children and i think all the parents would be happy for their children to receive them too.  its a refreshing change from the loud, plasticy toys that don the toy shops these day!


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