Our Perfect Day Out

We do a lot of “days out”, I love seeking new adventures and making memories, spending time with our little adventurers and the extended family makes my heart sing with happiness and glee.  However, over the last few months, I have found myself noticing that old fashioned fun is being lost daily and we are fast becoming a nation of tech geeks.  I love my gadgets as much as the next person, but we are losing the balance and its starting to really show in our youngsters.  So when I was asked what would be our perfect Day out it got me thinking.  Being married to Mr Science himself, we spend a lot of our time quantifying, making lists and being well, logical about all that we do…So I thought we would do a experiment of what would make our perfect day out.

Our Perfect Day Out Recipe

What you need:

  • Hearty breakfast to start the day
  • Waterproofs galore.  (If you do not own wellies, you aren’t getting mucky enough)
  • A family full (the more people the better) of energy and adventure
  • The great outdoors
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  • Activities to get your trueviagraonline.com heart racing
  • Big hearty lunch
  • Adventures to feed your mind and imagination
  • Bath time
  • Glorious dessert
  • Cuddles and reflection of the day


1.  Hearty breakfast to start the day

To start, in order to have the perfect day out, a good, hearty breakfast is a must!  To have lots of adventures the bellies all need to be full and Doc’s pancakes hit the spot first thing in the morning.


2.  Waterproofs galore.

Once all bellies are full, put all family members in appropriate clothing.  Wellies, waterproofs and warm thick coats are a must.  We have  noticed that there is a direct link with mud and happy faces.  The muckier you are, the happier you are as you will always be smiling at the memory of seeing mummy fall on her bottom! (it seems to happen to me all too often!).  Nothing gives my little adventurers pleasure then being mucky from head to toe.



3.  A family full of energy and adventure

A family full of adventure will always be the family who have the best tales to tell in the future.  A perfect family day out is always more memorable when there are more of you to share it.  Places, bricks and motor, don’t make for memories, people, family members and those you love wholeheartedly will make your day a perfect one.  So get as many people together as possible and embark on this adventure.  We have stayed in the grottiest hotel when 13 of us travelled together to Pakistan and till this day, the memories make us smile and will always be a highlight and a story we can share.




4.  The great outdoors

Add in the great outdoors and watch how your mixture turns into something truly magical and will get the right consistency of good health, energy and vibrancy that only being outdoors will bring.  I think we are often too neglectful of this but the great outdoors offers us so much as nothing will refresh, enchant and engage you more then being outdoors.  Watch those dreary eyes alight with energy, watch those cobwebs get blown away and your worries, fade into distant memories.  In todays society, we see so much ‘red tape’ on everything that we never throw ourselves into all the opportunities that being outdoors provide, so if you can  go back to basics and you will be amazed on how much fun there is to be had!




4.  Activities to get your heart racing

Once outside, you always need a good activity to get the heart racing.  Whether it be hunting down Gruffalos, walking on pathways with no sides, climbing trees or learning all about fairies and making them beds.  We love to see our little adventurers embarking on a challenge and once they complete it or just to see them pushing themselves and trying their utmost will make your heart swell with endless pride!







5.  Big hearty lunch

We aren’t foodies (by any stretch of the imagination) but once you have had a morning full of activities that have made your heart race, you will have some famished little adventurers. Since these parts of the https://www.ncahcsp.org/buy-xanax-online/ brain are responsible for sensory and neuroendocrine activity of the brain, it can be guessed that their excessive excitement negatively affects the body. Xanax helps to stop the negative process. Having hungry children makes for ratty children so its always wise to have a well timed break for lunch to refuel the bellies and batteries to continue on with the perfect day out!


6.  Adventures to feed your mind and imagination

Once the children have full bellies, you know they will be jumping around like the Duracell bunny.  Now is the time to add some adventures which they can concentrate that energy on and watch their imaginations run wild!  Building dens, dams in the stream or working out how to get out of a maze or learning how to climb a net frame or two will make for fantastic memories in the future.  Some of my favourite memories are the wonderment that I can see in my little adventurers eyes when they are feeding animals, climbing trees and trying something new for the first time.  It warms my heart no end and makes me want to show them all the magic and wonderment that the world can offer.








7.  Bath time

No perfect day out would be complete without bath time and this ALWAYS needs to be added to the expereiment!  Half the fun of getting mucky is the bubble bath and bubbles that will be awaiting us on our return home.  Not only is bath time imperative to get rid of the unwanted mud and dirt you are covered in, it also helps to bring the little adventurers into a peaceful and calmer state after their action packed day!


8.  Cuddles and reflection of the day

The final and most important aspect of any day out or any day in fact with little adventurers is the cuddles and pre bedtime conversations about all the things they heard, saw and learnt.  Cuddles with my little adventurers is the most previous thing in the world and when they thank me for a lovely day out, no sentiment in the world holds a stronger meaning then this.  (sorry for the photo it was taken in the dark)


The ending  to our perfect day out is very tired adventurers so hopefully a good nights sleep for everyone!

Sleeping Beauties

So there you have it, that’s our recipe for our perfect day out.  A #perfectdayout for us needs to be filled with adventures, those we love and lots of smiles.  It doesn’t need to be a day out at an expensive attraction, an adventure is a journey or learning something and discoveing something new so whether it be finding insects in your garden, climbing trees or just doing a day full of roly polying down big hills, doing these whilst spending time with those that you love is our idea of perfect.  Our motto is a family who eats together, plays together, stays together. 🙂

*This was my entry is to be ambassadors for Crocky Trail


I am a traveller, mother and blogger. We love to go on adventures (big and small, near and far) and strive to show our children how amazing and beautiful the world is! I caught the travel bug many moons ago and despite having three little adventurers, I still suffer from "itchy" feet. We love the great outdoors and one another. Come and join the fun :)

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  1. Really love the idea of the recipe. Such a great idea. Hearty breakfast definitely key! Thanks for entering.

    • Nisbah says:

      Thanks Karen! Glad you liked the entry, recipes are a good way of remembering things! Hearty breakfasts are the main thing! We cant wait to hear who wins!

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