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Anyone who reads our blog will know that we love, love traveling.  Travelling is part of who I am as a person, longing for our next adventure, looking for something new to do with my little adventurers is part and parcel of who I am as a mother and parent.  I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I didn’t have travelling and adventures in my life.

Since the little adventurers have arrived, I have discovered so many fantastic places within the UK that would be amazing for a holiday.  I think “holiday” has now become synonymous with travelling abroad for most people and I personally want to take a step back and try to bring tourism back to the UK.  We have such a fantastic array of holiday options and we are all to guilty of overlooking them in favour of holidays abroad.  One of the my top family destinations for 2015 is Cornwall.  The area is one of the true gems of the UK and you could spend months in the area and still be spoilt for choice of family orientated adventures.  We often get asked if holidays in the UK are as good as those abroad and I can vouch that they are equally as good or in some ways even more amazing.  So as part of our Treworgey ambienbuy Cottages Cornwall Parentpanel Entry I have put together a “Recipe” to tantalise your taste buds of what I think makes a perfect family holiday in the UK.

Recipe for a Fantastic Family Holiday


  • 1 adventurous family
  • 1 fabulous cottage
  • fistfuls of breathtaking surroundings
  • 1 gorgeous heated swimming pool
  • 1 dollop of beaches (both indoor and outside)
  • 1 big spoon of farm animals
  • 3 cups of outdoors/sports facilities
  • a whole bag of old fashioned fun
  • a sprinkling of woodlands

optional (add to taste)

  • 1/2 pony rides
  • add in picnics, dam building in streams and endless outdoors activity dependent on age and physical stamina. 🙂

How to put it together

1.  Take your adventurous family and set off on your fantastic family holiday.  Add in your fabulous cottage and fistful of beautiful surroundings.  

photo 3 copy

I think the accommodation and surroundings are really important when you are planning a family holiday.  Arriving to a beautiful, clean cottage where your children will be safe and you can spend evenings cuddling and having quality family time means your accommodation needs to be spot on.  Gone are the days of where you will be out partying till the early hours, you will be in your chosen accommodation for a significant portion of your holiday so make sure its a good one.  These Treworgey cottages look amazing, cozy and comfortable with lots of lovely touches which make it child friendly (every little helps when having children in tow).  I am a real believer in getting my children outdoors, there are so many benefits for it and spending hours running around on the grounds, exploring woodlands and going on picnics are priceless.  Having a cottage on a large site with ample of space around for children to be children is a must.  The Treworgey cottages are an excellent example of this with 150 acre of farm land for children to enjoy!


2.  Once you are all relaxed and the mixture has time to settle, its time to look at the activities.  Swimming pools are a must and need to be asdded in generous amounts to create lots of happy adventurers.  


However, given the unpredictable nature of the UK whether a heated pool is a must to ensure that the weather doesn’t add a dampener to your holiday.  I think it’s a lovely idea to have a heated pool especially for a UK-based holiday which is provided at the Treworgey Cottages and they have a smaller pool for smaller children.


3.  Next we need to dollop of beaches, this is one of the highlights of any holiday and combines all the ingredients together to make it a perfect mix!


Beaches are the epitome of all things holiday.  The UK has some stunning coastlines and often has mile upon mile of undiscovered coves which make for adventures as well as your children being able to enjoy countless on an uncrowded beach.  Cornwall is a prime example of beautiful coastlines and the Treworgey Cottages are in easy reach of some stunning coastline.  In addition, Treworgey Cottages have had a great idea of having an indoor sandy beach area which means that beach fun can be had in any weather.


4.  Next add in your big spoon of animals and watch the smiles appear on all your faces.  The effects of this simple ingredient is short of pure magic!


If your children are anything like my little adventurers then animals are often high on their list of experiences and activities that they love.  A farm stay would be an amazing holiday as you have a whole host of animals for your children to enjoy on site.  Treworgey Cottages have fantastic animal experiences for all children who stay on the property from pigs, goats to rabbits and with daily feeding everyday at 8:30am it sounds like a perfect start to every day.  These memories will be the ones you will forever hold a special place in your heart and mind.


5.  Next add in 3 cups of outdoors/sports facilities

All children love getting active, having sporting / play facilities on your holiday site makes it much easier to plan some quieter days.  Travelling with children can make for very tired adventurers especially if you pack too many activities in.  Having a break or a quieter day with an onsite activity makes it much easier to entertain the children without long days in the car travelling.  On site playgrounds, indoor play areas are all now important when we look at holiday sites.  In addition, Treworgey Cottages have additional activities on site from tennis courts to lovely indoor play areas so it makes it much easier to plan activities on days.


6. Next stir in a whole bag of old fashioned fun


Old fashioned fun is a dying thing in today’s modern, technology driven society.  We at fiveadventurers are trying to bring some of the magic of old fun back into our children’s lives.  Enjoying the outdoors from building dens, playing conkers, climbing trees and rolling down big hills.  Having th wind blowing through my hair whilst I was running around field upon field were some of my happiest childhood memories.  Less is definitely more.  Treworgey Cottages have a fabulous mix of facilities which ensure that children have a massive choice of outdoor fun.  I loved the look of the gorgeous grounds and can imagine our little adventurers running around and enjoying all the facilities.


7.  The final touch is a sprinkling of woodlands


Who doesn’t love woodlands? Since having our little adventurers, going into the woods has become even more fun and our children are mesmerised by them.  Whether they are on nature trails, hunting for a gruffalo or his friends or generally having fun, we can easily spend hours there.  The woods around Treworgey Cottages look stunning and I think they would be the making of any holiday.  In glorious sunshine, the possibilities are endless and never be put off by the cold or mud.  Jumping up in muddle puddles are the perfect way to banish away the winter blues.

optional extras

den building

And to make every holiday unique you need to add the optional extras to make it right for your taste.  Staying in a cottage you have the use of a kitchen and can make your day work for you as a family.  The Treworgey Cottages ethos is PERFECT and I think its great the way in which they are trying to nurture the environment that they have.  Plus for me I love the fact that they encourage building dams in the streams and having a picnic in the woods.  Sounds like something out of the Enid Blyton books, the very things that childhood tales are made of.  All in all, sounds like our idea of a perfect holiday.

So there you are, our version of the perfect holiday recipe.  Hope the taste buds are well and truly stimulated and you are fast thinking of your next adventures.  Treworgey Cottages sounds like a perfect place to have a magical holiday!  It has all (and more) of our ingredients that would make it a PERFECT choice for family holidays.

Disclaimer: This is our entry for #parentpanel round for Parent Friendly Stays







I am a traveller, mother and blogger. We love to go on adventures (big and small, near and far) and strive to show our children how amazing and beautiful the world is! I caught the travel bug many moons ago and despite having three little adventurers, I still suffer from "itchy" feet. We love the great outdoors and one another. Come and join the fun :)

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