Review of Chill Factore Mini moose Play area

Chill Factore has been on my wish list for months but for one reason or another we never managed to actually make it for a visit.  When we got invited to have a preview of the newest attraction in the Mini Moose under 5s play area and we couldn’t wait to visit.  Here’s our review of Chill Factore Mini Moose Play Area.

We dropped a very disappointed Maya off to school, poor thing couldn’t believe she would be missing out on spending the morning playing in snow with her brothers.  The Chill Factore is located just outside the Trafford centre and is easily accessible from the motorway, but the flip side is that junction can at times be very busy so if you are booked in for a specific time, make sure to leave enough time to get to the attraction.  The newest attraction of the Mini Moose area is now open to the general public but is limited to use for under 5s which I thought this sounded ideal for Raihan and Zayn.

On arrival to Chill Factore, just behind the reception you can see the snow slopes and watch people zooming down on a multitude of ski equipment, the kids loved just watching them. Before you can enter the snow area you need to pick up your snow clothing, which includes the jacket, trousers and snow boots.  I loved this part of the visit as it got the boys really excited and made it a lot more of an experience.  The adults also got clothing to use whilst accompanying the children.  The only thing to note is that the hat and gloves are not provided and you need to bring your own.  


We then set off to have a look at the new area.  The first thing you notice as you head out is the drop in temperature.  The day we visited Chill Factore was a beautiful summers day and it was a real noticeable change to suddenly be in the cold and snow.  The boy adventurers were smiling with glee and couldn’t wait to set off to explore.  I have to admit here that snow always makes me smile and I was the happiest out of the bunch!  The Mini Moose Play area is located at the front of the snow zone and is blocked off from the slopes behind it.  There are several things to do in the area and a few additional attractions have been added to the existing play area.   The first which my little adventurers loved was the mini sledging/tubing slope.  Even though it was a small incline, the children loved zooming down the slope and did go pretty fast (as you can see from the video below).  I think we could have spent ages on that part alone.  My only slight issue with this area would be the number of sedges/tubes were 5 in total.  I am not sure if there is limited numbers allowed in the area at any one time but I can envisage this being very busy and a few tears being shed waiting for tubes and sledges.

_MG_9291 copy

_MG_9282 copy
_MG_9295 copy

The new area also includes an ice maze, tunnels (which will be fully covered in snow) so the children can try and play with different things.  In addition, there is a few outdoor toys like the house, slide and soft igloo that will keep the children entertained for a while.  My little adventurers loved just running around the snow and having a snowball fight with their dad.  Since the arrival of Zayn we have yet to have enough snow to actually go sledging and have a good snowball fight in so this was one of their wish list come true!  I love the photo of Zayn below and his absolute delight of being able to play in real snow.  

_MG_9208 copy

The cost for the area is £5 (off-peak) and £6 (peak) for children under 5 years old and is the same for accompanying adults.  I think the cost is really good value for money as it also includes clothes hire and when compared with other activities a normal indoor soft play area costs the same.  I liked that this is something that will be different to all the other activities that most toddlers would do and the children had a really good time.  With its location near Trafford Centre it can easily be combined as a morning or afternoon activitiy to shopping or other activities in the area.  It is also ideal if older siblings are using the snow park or having lessons.  It means that the younger siblings are able to come along to the activity and have a go in the snow too. 

_MG_9297 copy
Overall, as our first experience of the Chill Factore we were impressed.  We were in the snow area for 45 minutes before Zayn got ready for a break and I think an hour is plentiful in the snow area.  Given then little cost I think its a fun activity to do with younger children and with the great food available upstairs is an ideal treat day idea.  I think it would be perfect for the build up to Christmas and let the children see some of the white stuff.


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    […] the snow, it really was a great day out. If you have younger children, Chill Factore also have the mini moose land which is perfect for toddlers to have a play in the snow, there is a few slides, mazes, play house […]

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