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RSPB Wild Challenege

Exploring the great outdoors is the best adventure you can have with your children.  Nature and the outdoors offers endless opportunities and even the smallest adventure can leave you all in awe of how incredible mother nature really is.  As a family we love to get our children outdoors, active and a little grubby as they experience the outdoors in and all its wonder.  We are incredibly proud to be working with the RSPB on their Wild Challenge and think it is a fantastic opportunity to get your children outdoors too.  There are lots of things I love about the initiative but two things which really stand out for me is that the really get to experience wildlife and nature in a hands on way whilst working your way towards lots of awards and certificates and secondly it is all for FREE!!

What is the Wild Challenge?

The Wild Challenge is a way for you to connect with the natural world.  The challenge is all about getting children inquisitive about wildlife and helping them to learn about nature in the best way, by getting hands on which allow children to investigate nature in practical ways.  The RSPB Wild Challenge is a FREE award scheme that is open to everyone and allows the children to work towards different awards.

There are lots of fun and unique ways to get involved and lots of them are really hands on, so you can see, touch, small and taste nature first hand.  What a


 How are we getting involved in the wild challenge?

RSPB Wild Challenge

We are getting involved in the Wild Challenge this year as we were seeking to get our little adventurers outdoors and learning about nature.  We love to go for walks and exploring but would love to add in small activities which help the children not to only experience but also to learn about nature and wildlife.  As a Scout leader I know from first hand experience that children interact and gain so much from activities if they are involved and engaged.  The challenges within the Wild Challenge are ideal as they allow children to get involved in so many different ways, each adding new knowledge of nature for little adventures.

For me, it is something of a passion that I want to encourage our little adventurers to love the outdoors.  I want them to be enchanted by nature from the great trees to the tiny creepy crawlies that live at its feet.  I want them to learn, protect and enhance our wildlife and nature at every opportunity that they can.  One important factor me for is to ensure that we do this not only in the summer months but in autumn and winter when some families have a tendency to withdraw into indoor activities. One of the reasons we started the Five Adventurers blog was so we can help other families start their own adventures with lots of different ideas.  I think the Wild Challenge is a great initiative and provides families with so many ideas to get outdoors and enjoy nature and wildlife.  Sometimes families struggle to find activities and ways that even young children are able to get hands on experiences with nature and the Wild Challenge is a perfect resource filled with so many ideas for families.

How Does the Wild Challenge Work?

Once you have created your online account, there are 24 fun activities to choose from so you can tailor your activities to your families needs.  Dependent on how many activities you complete the activities go toward the  bronze, silver and gold awards you can achieve.  The activities are divided into two sections: Help nature and Experience nature.  In order to qualify for each award you are required to complete three activities from each section to earn each level of the award.

  • Bronze award: you need to complete six activities, three from help nature and three from experience nature.
  • Silver award: you need to complete six further activities, another three from Help Nature and another three from Experience Nature (making a total of 12 activities completed).
  • Gold award: you need to complete another six activities, again three more from help nature and three more from experience nature (making a total of 18 activities completed).

In order to complete each activity you need to submit some evidence to show that you’ve done it. This could be in the form of a photo, a drawing, a video, even a piece of writing, showing or describing your adventure.  I love this to as the children will be involved in the activity and then the follow up, its a great way to recap and recount your activities and help reinforce the things you have learnt 🙂

Once you’ve completed each award level, you will receive an exclusive Wild Challenge award certificate and sticker sheet.  I know my little adventurers love to have rconginition for their activities and to recieve anything in the post is always a great way

How you can get involved?

As the Wild Challenge is open to everyone, anyone can get involved! Just as we did, if you want to get involved in the Wild Challenge, you simply go online onto the RSPB website and create an account and an online profile.  You only need to add in a few details and you are set to embark on your nature filled adventure.  There is no time frames and restrcitions, you can enjoy the challenges as often as you want to.  I love that there are activities per location so you can add on a wildlife adventure as part of your holiday in other parts of the UK.

The Big Wild Sleepout

In addition to the Wild Challenge the RSPB also organise a number of annual events which also provide points towards your Wild Challenge.  One of these activities and one which is top of our list is the Big Wild Sleepout.  This year the sleepout is on between 28 – 30 July and is there to encourage families to have a night time adventure, whether it be camping overnight or a wildlife adventure before you sleep in your beds!  Your night time adventure can be with a blanket in your garden, wild camping or sleeping in a tent.  We are very excited to be involved in the sleepout and this year will hopefully be doing it in the company of a thousand or so scouts from across the globe as we attend the First International Muslim Jamboree. I cannot think of a more incredible way to spend a weekend then in the company of scouts from across the globe whilst we camp in the great outdoors (lets hope the sun has its hat on!)

The Wild Challenge looks lots of fun and for a completely free initiative I think it has so much to offer to families.  I think it is a great resource to help families recommend with one another, nature and also keep the costs of activities down to a minimum.  We are very eager to start our challenge and now with the end of Ramadan we are actively planning on working towards the challenge over the next 12 months.


I am a traveller, mother and blogger. We love to go on adventures (big and small, near and far) and strive to show our children how amazing and beautiful the world is! I caught the travel bug many moons ago and despite having three little adventurers, I still suffer from "itchy" feet. We love the great outdoors and one another. Come and join the fun :)

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