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Christmas is fast approaching and I know lots of parents are wondering what items to buy.  Our focus of presents whether for Christmas, Eid or birthdays has shifted in the last few years to either experiences or presents that will be useful.  Here I think the SwimFin is a fantastic product that will useful for months and years to come.

This summer we tried out the SwimFin and we absolutely fell in love with them.  We have children aged 6,4 and 2 years old and they are all at very different stages of swimming.

  • Maya is now confident at swimming without any aids but after half an hour or so would be quite tired, and is still trying to improve her technique for front and back stroke.
  • Raihan has been having lessons for a year and is still very reluctant at letting the armbands go and often is asking for a waddle or two,
  • Zayn is our daredevil and even though he hasn’t been in the water much, he is always the first one to jump in.

As we were packing for our Far East adventure we were contacted by the lovely team at SwimFin to see if we would be interested in testing the product and reviewing it for our readers.

So what is a SwimFin?

SwimFin, is a swimming aid in the shape of a fin, which the children wear on their back.  SwimFin is a new style of swim aid and has been tried and tested to assist anyone in learning to swim. I loved that unlike the traditional swimming aids, the SwimFin was more natural to the body fitting and really helps to develop a better and more natural swimming position.

I think images say a lot more then words, here’s our little adventurers loving the photos all over Thailand!

SwimFin Bangkok

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IMG_9079 (1)




So what did we love about the SwimFin?

Perfect for all stages of swimming: The SwimFin offers something for all stages of the swimming family. When you have more then 1 child, bickering over one another’s things is a constant in family life.  I love that the SwimFin offers something for everyone to new swimmers, to learners to those who can swim.  So all three little adventurers had the same swim aid and we had no whining.  The SwimFin was perfect for Maya who can swim but needed support on working on her technique.  As mentioned above the SwimFin felt a lot more

Easy to use: once the straps are on, Maya at 6 and Raihan at 4, were able to put the SwimFin on themselves.  I remember the joys of the blow up arm bands and the time it took to get everything ready, on and then the same when you were leaving the pool

Free arms: One of the things that I hate about traditional aids was that the children always look so uncomfortable with them on outside of the pool.  The SwimFin does not obstruct the children in anyway and hey could comfortably get out of the pool and sit down, have a run around and not need to take it off.  They are also perfect for children with special needs and make such a difference to their moveability.  We recommended it for a family friend and they have raved about how much of a difference it has made to their daughter.

Increases confidence: We have struggled with Raihan and his swimming and tried lots of different aids.  However, he came on leaps and bounds this summer and we think the SwimFin was a big contributor to this!

Easy to pack: they are big  but they are one piece and not several individual items that can be easily lost when you are moving around several places.  We had the multiple rings before and we were constantly spending ages getting them together and finding them!

Perfect to put on from the hotel room: As I have explained we have a pool jumper in the family and often we used to have to wait until we were at the pool before putting on the swimming aid.  However, as the SwimFin does not obstruct the arm and lets the children walk around quite naturally we were able to get Zayn set from our hotel room.

They look cool:  The SwimFin are definitely the coolest swim aid on the market,  The number of people who commented on them on our travels and the children loved them.  We sometimes have complaints about the swimming aids but these were part of the fun of swimming.

Holidays and lessons:  I love that that the children have been using them in their normal swimming lessons which we were never able to do with our old aids.  So its a really good way for consistency in their swimming.

SwimFin Krabi

Things to be aware of

They are big: The SwimFin cannot be collapsed so you will need a certain amount of space for them.  We had our children carrying their SwimFin in their rucksacks so they were never part of the luggage so you need to factor this in.  Especially if you have more then one or travelling very minimally .  That said they weigh next to nothing, it is just the size.

Overall, we were really impressed with the SwimFin and were gutted that we didn’t discover them earlier when Maya was first learning.  The children all loved their SwimFins and they are perfect for all ages and stages of the swimming cycle.  We would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone.

We were sent the SwimFin for the review, but all the views are our own.  We are contacted by companies all the time for reviews but we only ever accept items which we would genuinely buy ourselves.


I am a traveller, mother and blogger. We love to go on adventures (big and small, near and far) and strive to show our children how amazing and beautiful the world is! I caught the travel bug many moons ago and despite having three little adventurers, I still suffer from "itchy" feet. We love the great outdoors and one another. Come and join the fun :)

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  1. Karin Joyce says:


    What a wonderful review and your pictures are simply stunning! We should have you take all of our photos from now on! We are so pleased that the children got on so well with their SwimFins and that it enhanced their swimming experiences while on holiday. Happy Swimming!

    Karin Joyce
    SwimFin Social Media and Marketing Coordinator

  2. Great review – perhaps I should try ours again. My daughter loved playing with it but it didn’t seem to help with her swimming as much as I’d hoped.

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