Autism Friendly Film Screenings

cinemaOne of my big dreams is to make things, that many of us take for granted, accessible to everyone.  Being marginalised in society is something that I hate and think we need to strive to make things easier, accessible and available for all groups within our community, regardless of physical impairment or other factors.  I was on the internet (like I am most days) and found this really interesting article about Autism friendly screenings.  I thought it was such a fantastic idea and it made me look into it more and thought it should be something that we should raise awareness of.

Autism Friendly Film Screenings at cinemas

The organisation, Dimensions have started an initiative in partnership with the leading cinema organisations to provide a number of Autism Friendly Screenings.  The organisation is working in partnership with Cineworld, Showcase, Odeon and Vue to provide these screenings.

For those who haven’t come across Dimensions, they are a specialist provider of a wide range of services for people with learning disabilities and people who experience autism. The main purpose of the organisation is to enable people to be part of their community and make their own choices and decisions about their lives. W

So what are autism friendly film screenings?

  • There will be no trailers or advertisements at the beginning of the film, just the film
  • The lights will kept low on a low level
  • The volume will be lower than usual screenings
  • You’ll be able to take your own food and drinks
  • There will be allowance for increased movement and noise during the screening.

What’s on at Cineworld?cineworld

Cineworld host an Autism Friendly Film screening at 11:00am on the 1st Sunday of every month, at over 70 participatingcinemas across the UK.

Details of Cineworld’s next screening

What’s on at Showcase?

Showcase Cinemas host Autism Friendly Film Screening at 10:00am every 2nd Sunday of the month, at all their cinemas across the UK.

Showcase’s next screening 

What’s on at ODEON?

ODEON Cinemas host an Autism Film Friendly Screening 11:30am each month, at over 95 ODEON cinemas across the UK.

ODEON’s next screening

What’s on at Vue?

Vue Cinemas will host an Autism Friendly Film Screening at 10:00am on the last Sunday of every month, at 78 cinemas nationwide.

Details of Vue’s next screening

I think its a great idea to have these viewings as family are unable to enjoy outings to the cinemas if they have an autistic child.  We would love to hear from you if you have ever used these special screenings and if so, would there be anything that you would improve?


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