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In 2015, we visited Chill Factore on several occasions and each time we have had a wonderful time, trying everything from the mini mooseland, to the snow park to having a taster ski lesson.  Last week, we visited to review the party package which is offered by Chill Factore and had an amazing time.  We love throwing a good party and after the happy pictures of all our little adventurers, I think it will be an awesome place for a party.  So here’s what we thought of a Chill Factore party.


Chill factore is located near the Trafford Centre and is home to the UK’s longest indoor skiing and snowboarding slope.  The location is perfect, with it being just off the motorway so ideal for families travelling into the city for the attraction.  Chill Factore has a whole range of activities and events that are on throughout the years which are perfect for families of all ages, looking for a fun and unique day out.


Chill Factore Party

Dependent on the age of those at party, there is lots of options of party packages which would be suitable.  I loved the choice and that there was something from little adventurers (under 5), snow park parties, ski lessons and even activities aimed at older children like the Snowscoot party (which looks like awesome fun) for those over 12.  The parties all vary in cost and details can be found here.  Regardless of the party choice, the package will include 45 minutes on the snow.  This may not sound like a lot but given the small party groups and limit on numbers in the park at any one time the children are able to try most of the activities numerous times.  After 45 minutes of constant zooming up and down the slopes, you will be greeted with smiling, red faced and (very tired) little adventurers.


Each party package also has optional food choices, which can be booked in addition to the time on the snow.  I like that this part is optional so families can still have a chill factore party even if they are watching the budget.  If you do wish to include food options into the package, there is also the choice of food options that can be included again allowing families to fit into their desired menus and budgets.

What we thought

I love a day out at Chill Factore, the whole experience from getting your snow boots and helmets (for the snow park) makes for a unique and fun day out and after a few miserable winters its been the only place where my little adventurers have seen enough snow to actually play with.  Our children were trying out the snow park party (and also the mini moose party as youneed to 4+ to go into the snow park)  The jackets and trouser hire are additional cost on top of the party package but you are welcome to bring your own clothing to keep the costs down.  My little adventurers love the anticipation as you get all equipped for going on the snow by getting their shoes and helmets, which is all part of the experience of a party at chill factore.


The snow park is one of my favourite attractions in chill factore, and its amazing how three activities the Luge, doughnuts and sledges are so enjoyable and the children were literally coming down the slopes, and before they had even caught their breath they were running off back up the hill to  do it all again or move onto the next attraction.    As a mum who tries to get her children to have some old fashioned, non-techy fun, this is lovely to watch.  We have visited the snow park with teenagers (and my niece has been with uni friends) and they have all had a fabulous day in the snow park, highlighting that its great fun for all the family.  I think 45 minutes is the right amount of time on the temperature is cold and after a certain amount of time the children will be exhausted after all the playing, coupled with the temperatures, it is the right amount of time.

I love that even though there seems to be lots of people on the snow, there is very little wait time and the children will definitely have lots of tries on all the activities in the 45 minutes.  As a regular theme park goer, the queue time and how much you actually get to participate in the activity in the allocated time is fantastic and for this alone is definitely worth the expense.

Food, glorious food

Chill Factore party food

Our party package included a meal so after changing back to the normal clothing we were led upstairs to the party room.  We loved that the chicken used for the pizzas was halal so we were able to try the chicken pizza.  The pizza were lovely, fresh stone baked pizza and tasted fantastic, Maya had the margarita and give it a big thumbs up.  Overall the choice of mains were lovely and it was refreshing to see great food choices for a children’s party package.  I had the vegetable lasagne meal which was lovely and the portion sizes were perfect for both children and adults alike.  We ended the meal with ice creams and a chocolate brownie which was gorgeous. I have a sweet tooth but the brownie was literally melting in my mouth and hit the right spot.


Offer for our readers – 25% off!

We are really pleased to offer our reader 25% off the party packages which are available at chill factore.  Simply follow this link below and you will have the code for the 25% off.

Overall, we had a fabulous time at Chill Factore and I know my little adventurers would love a party there.  The price per child maybe a little more then the standard soft play party packages but it is well inline with party packages at big named attractions and with the above discount, I think it is a great day out, a very unique experience and it is a party that definitely wont be forgotten any time soon.  Highly recommended!


I am a traveller, mother and blogger. We love to go on adventures (big and small, near and far) and strive to show our children how amazing and beautiful the world is! I caught the travel bug many moons ago and despite having three little adventurers, I still suffer from "itchy" feet. We love the great outdoors and one another. Come and join the fun :)

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