The Best Luxury Family Resorts in the World



Sitting in front of my computer on a dreary, grey and all round miserable day in March, I am for the first time in my life both mentally and physically exhausted.  Feeling a little down I cannot help but find my mind drifting off to faraway places of turquoise seas, white sandy beaches and air that is so warm that you can feel it warming you as you breath it in.  It will be our 10th wedding anniversary (which falls on the same day as Maya & Zayn’s birthday – I know crazy right?) in January 2016 and I would love to go, faraway from the chill of January and the post holiday blues to a gorgeous beach, lovely hotel and just to relax for two weeks.  I need a holiday with nothing planned, with the sun to keep me company and to do NOTHING except play, relax and be merry with my adventurers!  As you know I suffer from severe wanderlust so I complied a list of all the best luxury family resorts in the world which have fantastic family facilities that I would love to go to.  Unfortunately, as a single income family these are very much out of our budget but there is no harm in dreaming.  And like I say, if your going to dream, dream big 🙂

If nothing else, writing about it will definitely lift my spirits and transport me miles away into a much sought after beach holiday.  So here are the best luxury family resorts in the world! <<Warning this post has so many photos that will leave you craving for one of these holidays 🙂 >>

Four Seasons Bora Bora

I first came across Bora Bora in French Polynesia when I was helping my brother plan his honeymoon (he went to the Maldives instead) and since then it has always been on my “list”.  On our round the world trip we had looked at staying at Bora Bora but the flights and the cost were just adding too much onto the trip given all the costs we were already paying for the trip.  But back to Bora Bora, It looks beautiful in a way that words would never do it justice from the colour of the sand, the stunning seas or the glorious scenery which are central to the appeal of the island.  Bora Bora would be the image that I would conjure in my mind if I was asked to describe a beautiful deserted island that you would want to live on!

So why the Four Seasons?  I love all that the Four Seasons brand stands for and you know that you will be getting luxury on another level, that would make any holiday a true and lasting memorable experience.  The sea bungalows look out of this world, the beautiful beaches and gorgeous sea would be a breathtaking holiday for anyone to take.  I can just imagine my little adventurers running along those wooden bridges to and from the hotel, with the sea in the horizon, now that would be a sight to behold!  The Four Seasons Bora Bora have great children facilities so the children and parents alike can make the most of their holiday.




Shangri-La Rasa Ria, Borneo

Malaysia will always have a special place in my heart and I cannot wait to return as the fiveadventurers in the near future.  However, despite our few visits to the Far East we have never made it to the Borneo and the island has always really appealed to me.  Not only does Borneo have the beautiful beaches but Borneo (well of of Malaysia as a whole) has such a wealth of nature and wildlife that you will be spoilt for choice.  The Shangri-La chain of hotels is well known throughout the world for the luxury and quality it provides guests and one of the most spectacular choices is the Shangri-La Rasa Ria.  One of my favourite animals are Orang-utans and the resort have a nature reserve at the reserve looking at the preservation of this great animal.  I would love to go and see the reserve and see the Orang-utans first hand, I think it will be an amazing experience for my little adventurers and it will be something they would remember for a long time.

The hotel looks amazing and the choice in everything seems to really cater for all the needs of families.  I love the pony trekking that the children can do on the beach and I think it would be a great way to spend the holidays as a family.  The location, accommodation and stunning scenery seems second to none.






Four Seasons, Maui Hawaii

As those who read my blog will know, Maui and staying at the Four Seasons was our original choice for our honeymoon but due to Doc “freaking out” at the time of booking, we ended up changing our final destination.  However, Maui is on my top 10 Bucket list travel dreams and I would LOVE, LOVE to go.  Modern Family is one of my favourite shows and when the family visit the Four Seasons, Maui it brought back all the reasons why I had really wanted to go, the hotel, the beach, the scenery, the sea, oh the list is endless!  The island itself has such a vast array of nature on display, volcanoes, mountains, wildlife, gorgeous beaches and so much culture that is unique to Hawaii that it would be my ultimate dream holiday.  We are huge Disney fans in our house and love Lilo & Stitch; my Maya dreams of dancing in a grass skirt and surfboarding like Lilo in the movie.  Going to Maui would be a dream come true for me, and one day I hope I get the chance to go and explore!

The Four Seasons as mentioned is luxury through and through and you will find the same impeccable service and quality at each of its resorts.  You are guaranteed that your holiday will be an absolute delight and nothing would be too much for the staff and the hotel.  Maui will always be my honeymoon style destination and the Four Seasons would be my ideal choice for a honeymoon or an anniversary (hint, hint Doc!)








One & Only Hayman Island, Whitsundays

When we visited Australia in 2007 we were supposed to make a trip to the Whitsunday Islands located on the outskirts of the Great Barrier Reef.  However, as always life had other plans and we never did make it to any of these islands.  One of my favourites at the time was the Hayman Islands which has been recently become part of the One & Only group.   noting the change in the resort owners raised my expectations higher and the island looked amazing when we looked at it all those years ago.  I stayed at the One & Only hotel in Dubai in 2003 during a family holiday and we fell in love with the service, the pure luxury and the week we were there was bliss and were treated like royalty (it was a shock to come home!).  Hayman Island is in the ocean near the Great Barrier Reef and looks breathtaking, with snorkelling that will not be surpassed, sandy beaches which are said to some of the loveliest in Australia (we have been to Fraser Island and they are truly stunning) I cannot imagine how beautiful this Island must be.

The One & Only Hayman Island has a huge range of family based activities and it seems that family holidays are actively promoted.  I love that vibe that children are as important as the adult guests and not just add ons to their parents.  The Whitsundays will always be one of must sees on a trip to Oz.





Beaches Resort – Turks & Caicos

My wanderlust sees me travelling all over the world vicariously through all the amazing blogs and photographers out there that I follow.  On one of my wanderlusting sessions on Twitter (funnily enough it was this January) I came across the Beaches Resort in the Turks & Caico and I have to admit I am totally smitten!  I had little knowledge of these islands but after getting the bug I have found out lots and they look stunning. However, my favourite is still Beaches Turks & Caicos and I can only dream how amazing it would be when the photographs like those below are breathtaking the reality would be an immense experience.

The Beaches resort is a true all inclusive family resort and they have fantastic facilities for adults and children alike.  One of my favourite things is they allow swimming in the dark.  I have never been to hotel where they offered this and I can imagine how much my little adventurers would love playing in the pool after the sun has set.  The hotel would be an amazing choice for anyone looking for the ultimate family holiday!







One & Only Reethi Rah Maldives

The Maldives needs no introduction with it being such a popular choice for honeymooners all over the world and I can completely understand why.  Before my little adventurers arrived I never did see the appeal of a holiday which was purely beach based, but after the arrival of my three adventurers I now know the importance of sitting back, relaxing and doing nothing for a large part of any vacation.  Also having children makes you fall in love with any beach and sea you encounter and with the choice like those below, who cannot help but be in awe.  With the possibility that the Maldives may disappear in the next 20  years, I think a visit is definitely needed prior to them being lost forever.

As above the One & Only resorts are as luxurious hotel experience as any you will encounter.  The One & Only Reethi Rah exudes luxury in all its features and looks amazing.  The accommodation on that stunning sea, location and facilities would take some beating (and you have some amazing resorts on the Maldives)  I was totally wowed by this resort and can imagine it totally leaving you speechless with just how amazing it is in real life.  I was looking over the Kids activities and the resort offers a great mix of fun activities for children to be involved in that I am sure any little adventurer would find something that they loved.





Rosewood Mayakoba, Mexico

Now Mexico has always been on Doc’s list for a visit (it is creeping up on my list too) and after naming our daughter Maya, how could we resist a visit to a part of the world where her name would literally be everywhere. The beaches of Playa del Carmen are world renowned and I came across this resort from the great travel blog travel babbo.  After reading the review I was totally sold on the resort and it sounded like an amazing holiday that all the family, especially little adventurers would enjoy.  I started looking into the hotel and even though I didn’t know much about the Rosewood chain, after researching I realised that they are in fact huge and have some of the most luxurious properties worldwide.  The Rosewood Mayakoba resort sounds phenomenal and offers something for each type of guest who visits (its actually on the Conde Nest’s list for most romantic hotels in the world) and I love that it caters so well for all the groups.

I love the range of activities that are available for the little adventurers and with a setting as gorgeous as this, who could resist.  One thing that really appealed to be about this holiday was that you have these amazing beaches, sea and resort at your disposal and these can be combined with such an amazing history lesson for the little adventures as the Mayan empire remains can be found all over the area.  I think it would be an amazing combination of having a luxury, relaxing holiday but with all the culture, history and feel of a place which will make your holiday into a dream one!  I will leave you with some pictures of the amazing resort to tickle your wanderlust tastebuds!






Now I have finished the post I am well and truly in need for sun, sea and sand!  I hope I have given you fellow wanderlusters an escape to an exotic place and would love to hear what you think the best luxury family resorts in the world I have chosen and if there are some you would add!



I am a traveller, mother and blogger. We love to go on adventures (big and small, near and far) and strive to show our children how amazing and beautiful the world is! I caught the travel bug many moons ago and despite having three little adventurers, I still suffer from "itchy" feet. We love the great outdoors and one another. Come and join the fun :)

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41 Responses

  1. Sabina says:

    The perfect read on a cold wet grey day…..! Just looking at those blue skies and gorgeous beaches has perked me up. Thanks nis!

  2. Wow! I am craving a luxury holiday now! Something to look forward to in retirement! LOL #thelist

    • Nisbah says:

      Hi Samantha

      Thanks for reading! That makes two of us especially when the rain is pouring outside. I have the wanderlust so bad, need to travelling again 🙂

  3. Ahhh Nisbah, what are you trying to do to me?? This list is awesome. I especially have always wanted to stay in Maldives One & Only Reethi Rah. I was so close to booking it for my honeymoon but we went to Coco Palm instead!

    • Nisbah says:

      hahahaah Ting, you and me are totally on the same wavelength!! I haven’t been able to stop looking at the pictures since I did the post and my wanderlust is crazy right now! wow, I am sure the Coco Palm was amazing, you’ll have to visit the One & Only on the next milestone 🙂

  4. After reading this post I am really craving some white sand and sun. A great read. x

    • Nisbah says:

      Aww thank you Gemma! Glad you enjoyed the post,I don’t the places look truly awesome! I really want to go on a beach holiday right now. thanks for taking the time to comment x

  5. Oh wow they all look amazing but I am desperate to go to Beaches Turks and caicos xx

  6. I have never been anywhere so beautiful! Maybe one day. Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

    • Nisbah says:


      Thanks for reading, they do look beautiful don’t they? One day we will hopefully get the chance to go and see them in real life! #thelist

  7. Natasha says:

    Amazing!!! And what pictures!

    We visited the Shangri La in Cebu last year and it’s beautiful…if you’re ever looking for somewhere in the Far East. It’s also very child friendly x

    • Nisbah says:

      Hi Natasha, many thanks for reading, glad you liked the post, I have been drooling over the pictures none-stop since the post went live! We are actually going to be in the far east in summer hopefully so will definitely have a look at this hotel. 🙂

  8. Now i have sun in Dubai but wow I need to go to Bora Bora…..x

    • Nisbah says:

      Hi Laura

      Thanks for reading, I know how amazing does Bora Bora look? I so want to go and get away from this cold. Lucky you for being in Dubai, do you live there? we loved it when we visited a few years ago. I need some sun in my life!

  9. Mummy Fever says:

    Woweeeeeeeeee – amazing, now I need a holiday lol #TheList

  10. Just looking at this has lifted my spirits – if I could choose I would go with your first choice, Bora Bora… Looks amazing! X

  11. Oh you’re torturing me!! These look divine! x x

  12. Heledd says:

    Oh My Goodness, that’s really cheered me up on this cold Friday night. We’ve stayed at a few places in Thailand but these are all on my list of places to go!! Thanks for linking up to #sundaystars xxx

    • Nisbah says:

      Hi Heledd

      I know, how awesome do these places look especially on a wet and dreary dat. Whereabouts in Thailand have you stayed? we are hoping to go this year with the children.


  13. woow all the places you’ve shared are absolutely amazing! I would happily visit any of these – god you’ve got me longing for a holiday! thanks for linking up to sundaystars! x

    • Nisbah says:

      Hi Amy

      I love travelling and I am soon longing for a holiday right now! one day we will be able to tick some of these off the bucket list!

  14. Notmyyearoff says:

    Oh wow I’m sat in a work meeting literally drooling over the pics. I would love to do visit these places!

  15. kidglloves says:

    The Mother says – Yeah, you were right………. the photos have made me want my holiday to come around, like, NOW!!! What gorgeous places 🙂 #MondayEscapades

    • Nisbah says:

      Hi, thanks for reading. Where are you off to? from the places, what would be top of your list? I want to go to them all!! Hope I have given you serious wanderlust!!

  16. Is it time to pinch myself and come back down to earth yet?! Some idyllic places for family holidays – hope you get to tick a few of those boxes on your travel list. Borneo is somewhere I’d love to visit too although have conflicting feelings about it from an environmental point of view.

  17. Wander Mum says:

    What fantastic post. A woman after my own heart…these all sound right up my street. Always wanted to go to Borneo and Bora Bora would be awesome. I recently stayed at the one & one in Dubai and was very impressed. I’ve heard very good things about the one in the Maldives and it being brilliant for children! I look forward to reading about your experiences as you tick them off because you’re right – you have to think big!! Thanks for bringing some sunshine into my Monday #mondayescapes

    • Nisbah says:

      🙂 wander lust is an amazing thing and so glad you enjoyed the post. We loved the one & only in Dubai, it really was fantastic and the hotels in Maldives and Hayman Island look equally amazing. The top at the moment would definitely be the either Hawaii or Bora Bora. 🙂

  18. OMG, one more amazing than the other!!!
    The only destination I visited was the Maldives during my honeymoon <3 paradise!! I soooo want to go back there someday!
    As for the rest: all on my bucket list 😀

    Thank you for linking up with #MondayEscapes 😀

  19. xxx says:

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  20. How dreamy are all those photos. I am now sat here dreaming of sunshine and crystal clear blue seas. I think my favourite has to be the Beaches resort. I would love to take the family there one day x

  21. Wow everywhere looks amazing! I so want a holiday after reading this. We have been thinking of getting married in Mexico as we really want to visit xx

  22. Generally I don’t read article on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up
    very forced me to check out and do it! Your writing taste has been surprised me.
    Thanks, very nice article.

  23. Thanks for the mention! We’ve taken our kids to three of those. We loved the Four Seasons Bora Bora and obviously Rosewood Mayakoba. The Four Seasons on Maui was nice, but I kept wondering where we were – compared to other places we’ve stayed in Hawaii, it just didn’t feel very Hawaiian. Maybe that’s not a bad thing for most visitors, and it’s definitely not unique to FS Maui. We were in Jamaica for spring break last week at Spring Hill Hotel, which was perfect as a beach getaway and we loved spending time there but it didn’t feel very Jamaican. I like when resorts really try to incorporate the local culture.

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