Pipity Activity Case Review – Perfect Gift for travelling children

Every year we manage thousands of miles of travelling and amass endless hours on days out / meals at restaurants and always have our little adventurers in tow.  Whenever I am packing my bag for the day, an absolute must is to have something to entertain the children.  A few years ago we bought some iPads but this year we wanted to make a conscious effort of trying to get the children to try different activities and more traditional ways to entertain themselves.  My children love to colour, cut, sharpen pencils (we can do this for hours!!) but trying to have these activities available whilst travelling can be really difficult to manage.  I have tried so many different things over the years and I think we have finally found the solution.  Let me introduce you to the Pipity Activity Case.

What is Pipity?

Pipity is a range of products aimed to allow children to explore their creative and imaginative side, think activities covering dinosaurs to space, from puppets to games but having products which are not cumbersome and offer families something compact and ideal to take and carry around with them.  The products are designed by Kate who herself is a mum of 3 who wanted to create products to inspire children to move away from screen time to more creative ways of play.  Reading Kate’s story rang true with all my concerns of the way children’s play is focused today, so I couldn’t wait to give these a go.

The Pipity Activity case is made of oil cloth and is really durable.  Each case includes colouring pencils, a pencil, sharpener, ruler, rubber and for my little adventurers we love that it has a glue stick and scissors.  The scissors comply with the UK regulation of the bluntness in order to fly with it as hand luggage.  Lots of thought has clearly gone into the product i.e. there are elasticated corners to hold paper into place and make a desktop out of the case with the soft padding which is ideal to use the case on our laps during a car journey.  This thought and attention to detail is where other similar products fail to work in practice.  Raihan loved that there was a place for each item to be placed which is perfect to check that you have gathered all the pieces when you are leaving.  Each activity set includes one activity book, which includes a variety of activities from cutting, to games to making small paper models.    The pack is ideal for travel as it has a shoulder strap, so children can carry and look after their set.

There are a whole range of books which can be purchased in addition to the starter activity book.  My little adventurers love the Pipity Puppet shows book, which allows you to create your own puppets for two stories, including the three little pigs and then act out the story.  Maya’s favourite is the On-the-go games which is perfect to have the children playing together or most likely it will be Maya and Doc playing one another on long flights!  I think in this day and age the Pipity brings something refreshingly different!

pipity books
pipity games
pipity books
pipity games

What we thought


We have three Pipity Activity cases, one each for the little adventurers, I knew that even though Zayn maybe a little young for the set he would be as keen as his brother and sister to have his own activity pack.  Since we have had the activity cases we haven’t done any air travel but we road tested the products on two birthday meals at restaurants.  We are from a large family and on both occasion we had three girls 7 years old, three boys aged 6 and three younger adventurers aged 4.  Little adventurers and restaurants often don’t go hand in hand, but with our Pipity we didn’t hear a single peep from the older children.  The children loved to try the different activities as each page was something completely different it was a really great way of keeping their attention.  The activities do require attention and even though we have been using them for over 5 hours, we still have only used a few of the pages.  On all three occasions the books were perfect for sharing and working with others to complete the activities.  The Pipity was a resounding success in our house.

The Activity cases are priced at £24.99.  I know some families may think this is more then then would normally pay, but the product is really high quality and well made.  The cost of magazines are around £5 each so the activity books are on par with these but are much more akin to toys then a simple activity book.  It is important to remember that these are produced by a start up company so costs of producing these books will be higher.  The activity books are really fun and a great way for children to have lots of traditional fun and get back to basics activities which are overlooked so much these days.  In addition, one of the biggest positives for me is the size and compactness of the product and it really cannot be beaten.  We have made activity kits ourselves in the past but once you add in a pencil case and some books you end up with so many things that it becomes really hard to  look after, especially when you have three lots of them (like I do).  I love that the activity book, stationary and even the actual side on which they will be working are within one package! It is the perfect gift for families who have children who travel.  You are guaranteed hours of fun and its something which children can enjoy for years to come!


I am a traveller, mother and blogger. We love to go on adventures (big and small, near and far) and strive to show our children how amazing and beautiful the world is! I caught the travel bug many moons ago and despite having three little adventurers, I still suffer from "itchy" feet. We love the great outdoors and one another. Come and join the fun :)

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3 Responses

  1. Annabel says:

    These sound great! One of my boys is only two and a half and isn’t very good at sitting still but I might try it on him anyway when we have a three hour flight to Sicily next year. I reckon my five year old would love it.

  2. Helena says:

    Love this idea. It would be perfect for our travels to and from family homes abroad.

  3. MummyTravels says:

    These sound absolutely brilliant- I always prefer not to whip out a tablet or phone if my daughter gets bored in a restaurant and while we’ll have them on a plane, an alternative always works well. My four-year-old will draw and colour for hours and activity packs are something I think will only get more useful as well.

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