France with kids: La Montagne aux Alouettes Farmhouse reviewed


As we set off on the long journey back to Lancashire, I turned to the little adventurers and asked “What was the best place we stayed at during our French road trip?” All three shouted instantly in resounding confirmation “Valerie’s” (Valarina in Zayn’s case). This is how much they loved La Montagne aux Alouettes that even Disney didn’t make it into first place! La Montagne aux Alouettes, was our first stop on our road trip through the backroads of Burgundy.  It was the perfect setting to really enjoy Pays de Guedelon and get you really excited for a visit to Geudelon castle.

We had arrived at Valerie’s home at La Montagne aux Alouettes after some of the worst rainfall to have befallen France in the last 100 years. We pulled up at the iron gates of the property after a rather stressful day of car problems, flooded roads and being rerouted at every other turn! We were all exhausted, hungry and ready for a good nights sleep. Both Doc and I were a little nervous as this was our first experience of a property available on Air B n B and the stay involved us staying in someone’s home (with them there too).  Part of our travels are to showcase as many different types of accommodation / experiences and staying in a local house in the stunning Burgundy area sounded fantastic in practice but we weren’t sure what it would be like in reality. We needn’t have worried as the two nights spent at with Valerie at La Montagne aux Alouettes, have been some of the most fun and memorable we have had during any of our adventures


Where and type of accommodation

La Montagne aux Alouettes is a stunning Farm house B & B, located in the deepest back roads of the gorgeous Burgundy countryside. Its one of those properties that you could picture in children’s books and I was totally besotted!  With huge fields to the back of the house you really do feel like your miles away from everyone in your own little piece of paradise. One of the best things about La Montagne aux Alouettes is the owner of the house Valerie. Valerie is amazing, open, welcoming and cannot do enough to ensure that your stay is one which you will truly treasure.


The area of the farm house that we stayed in was a room with three single beds for the little adventurers and a double in the master bedroom for us. Guests also have their own bathroom. In the middle of the house is a lovely kitchen lounge where we had both our breakfast and evening meals.



In total Valerie can host 9 people in the house.  I loved the rooms, there was cute little additions, from plant pots to small statues and pretty lampshade in the rooms.  The rooms had a very kitsch and vintage feel to it.




In addition, to the farm house, at the back of the fields are two stunning canvas tree houses. Both with a double bed and guests can unzip the tent to have the most gorgeous views of the countryside at their feet. Doc and I were in agreement that this would have been an ideal place for a romantic retreat!

FullSizeRender (14)

For all animal lovers, Valerie had two gorgeous horses called Epaulet and Victoire, and for lovers of mans best friend, Valerie’s dog, Zoe is always on hand to play football!


What we loved

Valerie:  the biggest selling point of the house is Valerie. If you are travelling with children (or even without) Valerie will make your children feel so welcome, that literally from the moment you set foot into the property our children will be besotted. Valerie has a wonderful nature, welcoming and my little adventurers loved to shower her with cuddles whenever they got the chance too. What I loved about Valerie, was that even when they are throwing a tantrum (much to my horror) she will never judge and as a parent its nice not to have the constant pressure of having to show you have produced perfect children and can actually relax.



The food was gorgeous. We were treated to some amazing meals and having home cooked whilst travelling was definitely a novelty. We loved that the French always have a full meal including cheese and coffee to finish the meal. On the day of our arrival we were all starving and Valerie had catered for our needs and produced fish and vegetable dishes for us.



Staying with a local really shows you a different way of life, it was really interesting speaking to Valerie, learning about her life, what life is like in France and having experienced this type of travel first hand it, cannot be beaten.  It was great ti have dinner and breakfast with Valerie, and spending the early evening in her company.

We are keen to make our travel more meaningful and the little adventurers to learn something from our travels this year and this experience was fabulous for this. We all learnt so much and it was one of the most memorable and fun that we have has in the years of travelling with our little adventurers.

Things to note

  • Remember that you are in the countryside and amts and creepy crawlies are very much part of the deal. If your children are a little unsure about these get them used to them fast.
  • The farm house is quite secluded and there is no shops or other amenities in the vicinity. We arrived after 7 and the nearest town was deserted (that could also be due to the rain).  So if there is anything that you need, I would stock up on route.
  • Petrol, even though we visited at a time of fuel shortages, I would recommend that you fill up as often as you can as we hardly saw any petrol stations on our several days of driving around the area.


La Montagne aux Alouettes is a fabulous place to stay with children or even on an extended family break, as the accommodation can cater for 9 people.  A place like Burgundy can only be truly enjoyed by sharing the experience with the lovely locals and by having a stay at La Montagne aux Alouettes an amazing way to do this.


I am a traveller, mother and blogger. We love to go on adventures (big and small, near and far) and strive to show our children how amazing and beautiful the world is! I caught the travel bug many moons ago and despite having three little adventurers, I still suffer from "itchy" feet. We love the great outdoors and one another. Come and join the fun :)

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