Crocky Trail Chester

Wow, just wow!  We visited Crocky Trail Chester last Saturday and returned back covered in mud (my little adventurers were covered head to toe) but we had the most fabulous time ever.  If you like mud, good old-fashioned fun and being transported back to a time where the simplest things in life brought out the adventurer and fun maker in you then Crocky Trail is for you!


We arrived on a overcast and dull Saturday morning.  It was freezing and we were really worried we would be cold, miserable and all a little blue but we shouldn’t have worried.  We did this adventure with our nephews aged 13 and 8 years old.

So what is Crocky Trail Chester

Crocky Trail is a mile long walk located across a gorgeous field in Waverton, Chester.  I have to share this photograph here that I took of this tree at the start of the trail, I am no photographer but think its a stunning photo!


The walk has loads of different challenges, activities, bridges to and fro and is more than plenty to keep your little adventurers busy.  Before you start on the trail, from the moment you enter, the attraction has several attractions to challenge visitors.  They are not fancy, but they are great to get you thinking, questioning and they are guaranteed to get you challenged and laughing at one another until you are literally short of breath.

Our day

Before we went to the attraction, we had read reviews and it all seemed positive but we still weren’t sure what to make of it, would it be suitable for young families, would the kids like it? We shouldn’t have worried!  As you drive up there is a hut where someone will take payment, no fancy paying in desks, and huge queues.  But do not be put off by this, the rustic look is part of the charm and sets the tone of what to expect, its a back to basics attraction with the emphasis placed on fun rather then show!  Children under 5 are free but they are not issued with a wristband.  Most of the attractions/rides before the trail are restricted to wristband holders for health and safety reasons.  That said there are things they can do, just be wary that they wont be able to do them all.  If you have any that like to do exactly what their older siblings are doing, be prepared for a few tears!

The first activity is behind the payment desk and is a human spinning top.  You sit at the top and at the attraction starts to rotate, faster and faster.  It is great to see the children trying to work it out. Maya mastered that sitting at the top meant that you would not fall off.  I have the cutest video of her looking so cuffed as her older cousins to fall by the waste-side.  Doc was glowing with pride. There is a few quirky things for the children to have a try on.  From balancing 7 stones in a pile to win a free drink, both my nephew and Maya managed to get this done to a forever colour changing spring.  We spent ages looking at the colour changing spring.  Its moments like these I truly love my husband, he was well and truly engaged trying to work out the “science” behind it!

Onwards through the area, you come across to a whole host of almost old style gladiator challenges from the run up to the top of the conveyor belt, running across a balance beam when big padded barrels are swinging to knock you off to name a few.  Think of wipe out less the fancy touch ups.  There are so many cool things to try and most are things that we have never seen before in other attractions so there will be something new for you all to try.  We easily spent over and hour and a half in this area and that was  cut short only due to the fact that Raihan and Zayn got a little crabby watching the others have such a good time.  We particularly loved the rotating/climbing and sliding rides.



Crocky Trail had a few covered huts for picnics which was perfect as we managed to miss the downpour and have our picnic in covered area and they had a nice gas heater to keep you warm.

The actual trail

The day we went it poured the night before and for about 40 minutes whilst we had lunch, this resulted in all the trail literally being covered in thick, oozy mud.  The trail is set out in such a way that cross over the stream via a variety of weird and wonderful bridges and pathways.  Some of them have no barriers (yup, my heart was in my throat a few times that afternoon).  I had Zayn in the back carrier at so we were a little more restricted then we would have otherwise.  Plus with the mud, some of the path ways to the crossings were literally mud hills.






On both sides at various points there are additional activities that you can partake in from kicking the bucket with swings, zip ride to the other side (theres a big puddle awaiting you at the bottom if you are to slip! 🙂 An optical illusion similar to the one we have seen in Puzzling World in NZ, a maze (which was incredibly tight) which we didn’t manage to complete but thankfully found our way out.




The trail leads to differing parts from woods, to open fields, to walking between trees.  There were lots of people doing the walk and all we could hear was loud cheering, heartfelt laughter and loads of smiling (muddy) faces. If you drink too much alcohol, Viagra will not work at full capacity, sometimes you should not expect the result from taking the pills. If the effect of Viagra does not appear due to an extra drink, the man will fail, which will affect the psychoemotional state, leads to self-doubt, depression. The liver is forced to work in an enhanced mode.  The trail would be amazing day out anytime of the year but in summer in a group it will be a great atmosphere of old fashioned, camaraderie that we have lost these days.

What did we think

The trail is lovely and will challenge children of all different ages in differing ways.  We had such a huge spread of ages 14, 8, 6 and 3 (Zayn was in the carrier) and each of them had a really fab day.  The activities alongside the trail were really great fun, simple but things that we haven’t come across elsewhere and were a unique way to spend a day!  if you like challenges, you’ll love this place!



Even though it may not look as fancy as a lot of the attractions you see these days, don’t let it put you off, you will have a great day out and will come back feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and ready for your return journey to see how you can better yourself!  As above, there is something for all ages but i think children 5/6 plus will enjoy everything that there is on offer and be able to independently partake in all the activities!

Overall, it’s the perfect place to have fun, get outdoors, challenge yourself and get back to basics without all the red tape you find in a lot of places!  It would be perfect for a group activity for a birthday or group event.  Crocky Trail Chester is a great place and highly recommended.

Here’s our movie of our fantastic day there!



I am a traveller, mother and blogger. We love to go on adventures (big and small, near and far) and strive to show our children how amazing and beautiful the world is! I caught the travel bug many moons ago and despite having three little adventurers, I still suffer from "itchy" feet. We love the great outdoors and one another. Come and join the fun :)

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  1. Wow, wow. I’ve seen stuff on Crocky Trail, but never really knew what it was. It looks absolutely brilliant. Gladiator challenges and bridges. What’s not to love? I love your photos. Looks like you all had such a lovely day… I’m jealous we’re not nearer! x

    • Nisbah says:

      Hi Ting, it was awesome! Think you guys would love it. We got made ambassadors for the attraction yesterday, so chuffed to be chosen 🙂 if you guys ever plan a break up north, let us know, we could meet up at Crocky Trail 🙂

  1. October 5, 2015

    […] ambassadors for Crocky Trail and had a fabulous time at our visit earlier this year.  Here was the review of our visit and we returned home completely covered in mud but with huge smiles! Crocky Trail is a […]

  2. October 5, 2015

    […] ambassadors for Crocky Trail and had a fabulous time at our visit earlier this year.  Here was the review of our visit and we returned home completely covered in mud but with huge smiles! Crocky Trail is a return […]

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