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Wellies, who doesn’t love wellies right?!


We live in lovely Lancashire and you can guarantee that if nothing else, you will have some (usually significant) rainfall each week, regardless of which season you are in!  If your children are anything like my little adventurers, they will find puddles EVERYWHERE, so wellies are staple child product in our house.  One of the things I personally love to buy for the kiddies are wellingtons.  The more unique, funkier and different the better especially given that they spend most of their weekdays in plain, black school shoes.  We are always on the hunt for the latest and the most fun things on the market for our little adventurers and we came across el Rhey and their fab product, the Colour Me Wellies.  I love the slogan that they use, “we can’t stop the rain, but you can have fun in it!”.  el RHEY is a rainwear designer and wholesaler based in Bournemouth.  The company has an ethos to encourage creativity in children through their products.

So what are ColourMe Wellies

The idea behind the product is pretty straight forward, white wellies (with images in the corner) and three markers to decorate and personalise your wellies in whatever way your heart desires.  I thought it was such a simple idea but a great concept none the less as why would any child want to wear a standard pair of wellies when they can unleash their inner Picasso and showcase their artwork for the whole world to see.  The execution is where it is different from other personalised products (bags, clothes etc) that you can buy in the high streets.  The ColourMe wellies are great quality, comfortable so none of the comfort or durability is lost which is often overlooked by manufacturers who market personalised products.  For a product to work it must firstly do the main function properly, so as a pair of wellies, we were really impressed with the product.

You are supplied with wellies, 3 markers (dependent on the design determines which colours you receive) and it all comes in a nice carry pack to keep the wellies in.  The product retails at £20.  The price may be in the mid – higher end of the price range for a pair of wellies but the quality and durability of the wellies does match the expense and you also have the added good quality markers included for the designing.


What we thought

Our Maya is our little Miss Maker and can literally spend hour (upon hour, upon hour) doing all things crafty.  So we chose the Zebra design wellies to let her have another outlay for her creativity. On Saturday we have our lovely nieces (aged 14 and 9 years old) around for the evening.  They all love being arty so we took the wellies out and thought they would decorate them between them.  My sister in law initially thought the colour yellow, red and green weren’t bright enough but when they finished they were a really nice combination and looked really eye-catching.




The girls set to work on making the wellies look good.  With the preprinted design its good for younger children as they can colour in something and it will be enough to make the wellies colourful and look good.  Our girls enjoyed colouring in the zebra but also using the ample white, plain area to add their own personalisation.





The markers supplied are really good and have a fine and thicker nibs enabling you to use the appropriate size for the design and look you are trying to achieve.

We asked the girls what they thought of the products

“they are sooo cool, I would have loved them to have them when I was younger”, Maya thinks they are “awesome, I loved being able to colour in my own wellies and draw whatever pictures I wanted on them!”  Maya has since told us that all her friends at school have been asking her about them.



Out & about

We have tested our products in the zoo, in farms (yes we like animals) on long walks and the school run and we always get comments on how lovely they are.  Parents have commented on them being unique and a really lovely gift idea.  I would totally agree with that.  It is a really nice gift idea and would be a well recieved gift by parents too as it is a good quality product and will keep the kids entertained for a while!





Overall, I was really impressed, the activity itself took a few hours and that was with three of them designing the wellies between them.  On her own it would’ve taken Maya several days to decorate it.  The girls (of all ages) loved the idea and the actual designing.  There is pre printed design in the bottom corner of each the wellies but there is still ample white space for free styling and making it more personalised.  The final product look really great and think they will have lots of use in the future.  The wellies are a little more expensive then some wellies on the market, but the quality of them justifies that cost and when combined with the uniqueness, and the fact that you can personalise it is a real worthwhile product.  Living in the UK you will definitely get value for your money with this product.

We will leave you with the goofy picture 🙂





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