Child friendly holidays in Cornwall

For our latest parentpanel entry the focus was child friendly and what better way of capturing this then asking the children themselves!  So I decided to ask Maya if we were going to Cornwall what would she include in her ideal child friendly holiday.  Maya being her Father’s daughter has spent all week pondering this, carefully thinking about child friendly holidays in Cornwall and finally she came up with….. wait for it……

Maya’s Marvellous Holidays

…. (yes we have been reading George’s Marvellous medicine at home!)

1.  Beaches

The first thing on Maya’s list was beaches ….


“because we have the best time and mummy and papa play with us.  We love making sandcastles and spending all day playing and not rushing around like we do at home!”
The beaches in Cornwall are some of the most stunning in the UK and often put those found abroad to shame.  I would love to take my little adeventurers and explore the cornish coast as the beaches look amazing!  Any childhood travel memories should have endless flashbacks of hours spent on a beach building sandcastles and being buried in the sand.

Photo by Ed Webster

Photo by Ed Webster

2.  Rockpooling 

Doc has shown the little adventurers pictures of families going rock-pooling and crabbing and Maya has been asking me daily if we can go, I was surprised that this wasn’t the top of her list…..


“I want to go rockpooling because papa said we can try and find real crabs.  I don’t want to eat them, just say hello and put them back in the water so they can go home to their mummies”

The rock pools around Cornwall look amazing, with such beautiful scenery and opportunities for the children to really get hands on with nature and the great outdoors.  I love that with the rock-pooling, the weather doesn’t make any difference, just don on your waterproofs and wellies and let the little adventurers get outdoors, wet and searching for real sea creatures.

3.  Cycling

Maya has nearly mastered cycling without her stabilisers and so we have promised that on our next trip she can take her bicycle with her.


“I am getting really good on my bike and I would love to take  it on holiday.  I would love to go on a long cycle ride with my family and mummy has shown me photos of some really nice places where families have gone cycling.  I think it would be really cool and I would love to tell my friends all about it!”

Cycling Cornwall
Cornwall has some amazing scenery and a cycling trip is a great and unique way of taking in the scenery and having quality family time together.  There are lots of places to hire cycles and there is something nostalgic and refreshing taking a few hours to just enjoy the outdoors on your bikes.

4.  House with a pool


After our recent holiday to Argyll, Maya loves staying in accommodation with our own kitchen but most importantly a swimming pool.  

“I want to stay in a nice house on our next holiday, with a nice kitchen so we can do baking with papa.  We love going swimming and its so cool when we stay in a place which has a swimming pool.  I would spend all day in the swimming pool!

There are some truly stunning accommodation choices in Cornwall and one of the highlights are The Valley, Cornwall, which is a unique collection of luxury self-catering holiday cottages. The Valley looks like an ideal setting for family adventures with indoor and outdoor pools, play areas, tennis and squash courts plus there’s babysitting, a fitness suite and an on-site bar and restaurant. 

5.  Animals, woods and flowers

Our final category appears to be an all encompassing one, we love the great outdoors here at five adventurers and nothing beats a good day out with animals, woodlands or discovering new things.


“We always go out to lots of places on holiday and I love the days where we go and see lots of animals and get to climb trees.  My cousins went to Eden Project and they thought it was really good, I would love to go too!”

Cornwall is a true mix of wildlife and natural scenery, there is so many opportunities to experience lots of things that families have endless choices whichever direction or area that they choose.  Cornwall is one of the UK’s true treasures and all families should go and explore this amazing part of the country.  

So there you have it, Maya’s Marvellous holidays would be a mix of breathtaking beaches, rock pooling, cycling, lovely accommodation and lots of lovely scenery and days out in the great outdoors.  Have you been to Cornwall?  What would be your highlights of a child friendly holiday in Cornwall?

The hand drawn pictures and writing in the pink are our Maya’s handiwork, we hope you enjoyed the post!

NB this was our entry for the third parentpanel as part of the Parent Friendly Stays.


I am a traveller, mother and blogger. We love to go on adventures (big and small, near and far) and strive to show our children how amazing and beautiful the world is! I caught the travel bug many moons ago and despite having three little adventurers, I still suffer from "itchy" feet. We love the great outdoors and one another. Come and join the fun :)

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  1. Love this entry. Great idea to get Maya drawing her ideas.

    • Nisbah says:

      Thanks Karen! It was a busy few weeks and Maya has been really keen to get involved with the blog so thought I would let her lead on this one. Glad you enjoyed the post. #parentpanel

  2. Crysta says:

    Fun list. 🙂 What a gorgeous rock pool! That must have been amazing to explore.

  3. Jonny Blair says:

    Marvellous blgo here. Cornwall has many memories for me too – one of the first places my parents took me travelling to in the summer months.

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