Travel Diary – bird handling, views from the sky and chocolate heaven!

Our last day in KL has been wonderful.  It was the ideal finish to our time in KL and will be one which we remember for a long time to come!

We kickstarted our day with a visit to the KL bird park.  I have had lots of families raving abut the bird park and couldn’t wait to see what the attraction was like.  The bird park is the worlds largest free frying aviary and it looked fabulous.  The entrance for the park isn’t the cheapest at £10 per adult and £8 per child (based on prices in Malaysia).  I was expecting to see hundreds of birds flying around and will admit that I was slightly disappointed with the numbers of birds we came across, but it could be the time of day or maybe my expectation.  However, the park came truly onto its own in the feeding.  Maya was able to feed a Hornbill bird and I think that the feeding sessions were a great idea.  Unlike zoos in the UK these feeding sessions allow the visitors to get hands on.


The highlight of the visit for us was the Parrot feeding.  For 2 RM you can were given a pot of Lorikeet syrup but once inside the staff allowed you to put seeds in your hands which attracts the bigger parrots to the area.  We ended up spending a good 20 minutes in this area with Maya, Doc and my niece having tons of hands on fun with the parrots.  Earlier in the day, Maya and my niece held parrots for 30 RM but if I knew what was awaiting with the parrot feeding, I would have definitely bypassed this and headed over to the parrot enclosure.





We spent about 2.5  hours in the bird park but there is enough to spend a good 4 hours in the attraction making it a good day out for the family

Petronas Towers

We had prebooked our tickets to Petrous towers on Monday using their online ticket service.  This was a new feature which has changed since our last visit in 2009.  Tickets are now chargeable at 85 RM (per adult) and 35RM (per child) but this not only allows access to the skybridge it also include the observation desk at floor 86.  From my last entry, you will know that I love the Petronas towers and I loved being able to see KL from towers.  The views were stunning and it was also really cool to actually see the other tower so close and high up.  I would recommend this as a must do for any visit to KL.








We finished off our day with a meal with Maya’s best friend from school who are also visiting the KL at the same time.  The girls were made up to see one another and we had a lovely meal together at Chillis.  However, the highlight was a visit to the Hagan Daaz dessert place in the Suria centre with glorious desserts which we all tried. The chocolate fondue was gorgeous and devoured by the kids as was the chocolate bomb which my niece and sister enjoyed.  The pouring of the hot chocolate to melt the chocolate ball was really cool and totally wowed the little adventurers!!

We are heading to Penang next, and will be joined by my oldest brother and his family! The adventure continues!!


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  1. I never got up the Petronas Towers When I was in KL and I really can’t remember why. Stunning views! And love the parrot photos.

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