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The video above is the embodiment of my little adventurers, each and every time we leave our house, regardless of what our plans are!  That look of pure happiness, eyes full of glee and literally shaking with excitement is mesmerising to watch. I love that they have this unspoilt view of the world where everything they see and experience  is an adventure and resonates with magic.  As their mother seeing this attitude of life just makes me want to show them the world!

As I sat down to think of a unique and creative post as an our entry into the Adventure Junkie category in the #MarkWarnerMum ambassador programme, Maya came up to me and really wanted to help.  Maya came up with the idea of making a video of what she would love to do and what would be her perfect holiday and the adventures it would contain.  She decided to base it on one of the our favourite family books “We’re going on a Bear Hunt”.  Maya tasked herself with writing the words and wanted to also do the voice over the video.  Our finished entry is below and I am so proud of her! I loved, loved her story and it sounds like a perfect holiday (well perhaps without the super adventurous encounter with Loch Ness Monster).  I think the video is a perfect summary of why we are Adventure Junkies!


Our perfect holiday consists of spending quality time together, embarking on new adventures and trying new things, whether it be skiing for the first time or washing elephants in a sanctuary.  Its having a break from our busy lives and enjoying life at a calmer pace whilst having the privilege of sharing these moments as a family.  The destination for us is an element but for it to be a perfect holiday it needs to have trying things for the first time, lots of adventures, fun and chances to make memories to last a lifetime!  My little adventurers have been dreaming day and night about snow and skiing and it would be something that I would love for us to all experience it together for the first time.

We coined ourselves as the Five Adventurers when I launched my blog and love the adventures that we take with our children all over the globe.  Adventure is very much like success and everybody has different ideas of what this constitutes.  So below is what I think adventure includes and why we are adventure junkies:




  • Adventure is doing something that is outside of the normal 9 – 5 lifestyle and trying to break traditional conventions.  We strive to show our children that life is full of endless opportunities and hope to travel the world for 12 months (in a few years), showing them how little they need and how rewarding life can be.
  • Adventure is going somewhere you have never been before.  Every year we try to go at least to some place we haven’t been both at home in the UK and abroad.  In 2016, we are going to visit Kent and Newcastle in the UK, follow in the footsteps of the Greek gods in Athens and road trip through France.
  • Adventure is doing something daring.  I personally hate heights and roller coasters and whilst in NZ a few years ago, my husband wanted to try hand gilding as long as we both did it.  Jumping off the cliff is the craziest feeling in the world but it makes for one amazing story.  For my 4 year old, a daring adventure is packing two pairs of sunglasses and a few mirrors to check every nook and cranny as we explore Athens to ensure he doesn’t look into Medusa’s eyes.
  • Adventure is learning a new skill or trying an experience for the first time!  I loved that my children got to play in the real monsoon rains in Thailand and enjoyed every last second of the glorious downpour with complete and utter delight.
  • Adventure is to be unexpectedly stranded or lost and overcoming the hurdle and carrying on without it putting you off adventures in the future.  Being stuck up a mountain with a 6 month old baby in the middle of the Malaysian Summer are worrying times but you soon realise that these are the tales and memories that will stay with your forever.
  • Adventure is sitting under a star filled sky with nothing around you and realise how vast the universe is and how much of a small part we all play in the greater scale of things.
  • Adventure is going somewhere with all your heart, whether it be at home or across the globe and making it a truly memorable adventure.  I genuinely sharing the experience of any type of adventure strengthens the links between all the members of the family!  The arrival of each of my little adventurers brought new adventure and excitement into our lives and I have vowed that we would be making their lives filled with wonderment and adventure!

With the arrival of our children life changed but our adventures have remained as widespread and exhilarating as ever.   Some of our adventures have included:

watching the sunrise in the red centre in Australia


rice planting in Thailand with all rice being grown donated to orphanages,

our 2 year zipling at 60 mph across glorious islands and pleading to do it all again,

our 4 year old going crazy high on the bungee jumps!


climbing Moses mountain in Egypt,IMG_1920

doing a round the world trip with each day waking to endless opportunities of adventure!

camping out under the stars and having nothing around you for miles and miles

being filmed by a drone camera in the Yorkshire coast


our lives have been truly enriched by each and everyone of our adventures and 2016 promises to be as adventurous as any year we’ve had! We are super excited with trips to Athens and a sleepover with the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum in the next few weeks.

We would love to be considered as the #MarkWarnerMum for the Adventure Junkie category.  The adventures that are offered through Mark Warner are some of the ones we would most love to try and are high on our bucket lists!  Heres some more information about Mark Warner holidays.

Our little adventurers may be small but adventure is out there for everyone, its just a matter of seeking it!  In the words of my favourite saying “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all!”



I am a traveller, mother and blogger. We love to go on adventures (big and small, near and far) and strive to show our children how amazing and beautiful the world is! I caught the travel bug many moons ago and despite having three little adventurers, I still suffer from "itchy" feet. We love the great outdoors and one another. Come and join the fun :)

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49 Responses

  1. Tahseen says:

    WOW! These pictures are amazing. I’d love to go to these places when I’m a bit older. Have fun in Greece x

  2. Nazma says:

    You are truly inspirational nisbah .mashallah . I love reading your blogs about what you have been upto and I wish I could do half those things too with our kids ….

    • Nisbah says:

      Hi Nazma, thanks so much for reading lovely and glad you enjoy our posts! Fingers crossed for this opportunity, we would love to bring the adventures to a whole new audience!

  3. Oh my gosh I totally love that video! This is by far the best entry that I have seen and I so hope that you get picked as you would be perfect for this role , good luck xx

    • Nisbah says:

      Oh Lindsay thanks so much for your lovely comment, its means a lot. There have been so many amazing entries that it will so hard to win. Fingers crossed though. And thanks for thinking we would be perfect, we would love the chance to try!

  4. Nazma says:

    Maya’s adventure sounds really exciting and cool…..

  5. leyla says:

    I love Maya video, that is amazing!

  6. Mehraj essa says:

    I admire your energy and drive for travel and adventures Nisbah. I would definitely put you guys down as adventure junkies! And your children are very lucky and priveliged to have parents who are enthusiastic to show them the world, as the more of the world they see, the better rounded individuals they will be. Keep it up nis! X

    • Nisbah says:

      Oh Mehraj, thanks so much for the lovely comment. We do love seeking adventure all over the world across the world with our kids. Not sure about the energy levels but its been amazing fun to travel with them 🙂

  7. Mehraj essa says:

    Oh n Maya’s video is fabulous! Very cute indeed xx

  8. Tracy says:

    This sounds so wonderful. Well done Maya. Follow the Five Adventures all the time. Really inspirationAl. Always full of ideas. Love it

    • Nisbah says:

      Hi Tracy, thanks so much for your comment. Its great to see how much people loved the video and how a 7 year old can think of these crazy adventures. Glad you enjoyed our blog posts, we hope to inspire as many people as we can!

  9. Yasmeen says:

    Well done Maya I really enjoyed it . I have told this story quite a few time to all my different classes over the years but it was not as good as yours

  10. Adeela says:

    Amazing adventures Maya and co! Always love seeing what you guys get up to. Good luck!x

  11. melissa says:

    I love this blog it’s fantastic to see all the adventures and very helpful advice for planning trips. Absolutely love it and love mayas video. Brilliant!

    • Nisbah says:

      Hi Melissa, thanks for reading and glad you find our blog posts useful. We love inspiring families to seek their own adventures. Thanks for your comment for the video. We had loads of fun making it 🙂

  12. Hayley Smith says:

    This is amazing Nisbah, you and your adventurers would be perfect ambassadors for Mark Warner and I love, love the video! Brilliant idea! Xx

    • Nisbah says:

      Hayley, thanks for the lovely comment, it really made me smile. Thanks lovely for thinking we would be perfect ambassadors, we think it would be an amazing opportunity to be chosen and we would be so proactive in promoting Mark Warner, their holidays look amazing.

  13. This is brilliant Nisbah! We just adore ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ too. What a great idea by Maya to turn it around into such an entertaining video. Best of luck with the competition!! The entry I drafted last night looks a bit sad in comparison! 🙂

    • Nisbah says:

      Hi Claire

      thanks for the lovely comment! it was so much fun to make and we were really impressed with the words that Maya wrote. I can’t wait to see your entry, I am sure it will be fab!

  14. Abrar says:

    What a wonderful, inspirational video. Love the voiceover ….

  15. Aaah Nisbah! This is fabulous! Have had my head down over the last week, thinking about my own entry, so am only just catching up now with everyone else’s!! LOVE your video pet — absolutely fantastic!!!!! You’d be fantastic ambassadors — good luck! 🙂 x

    • Nisbah says:

      Caro, thanks so much for your lovely comment. The video has been received so well its been crazy. We would love the chance to be ambassadors, travel and family adventures is what we do best 🙂 fingers crossed.

  16. Sara Essop says:

    Wow, that’s so cute. Good luck!

  17. You’d be such perfect Mark Warner ambassadors as you LOVE adventure and travel so much as a family 🙂 The video is brilliant, and your entry is great – good luck!! xx

    • Nisbah says:

      Thank Jess for the lovely comment and your kind words, we would be privileged to be picked for the ambassador role. We are glad you liked the video. Maya did a fantastic job and we are incredibly proud. It was great fun making the video. hope the judges like it too!

  18. Akhy says:

    Wow! Love the video, such a fantastic idea and I adore Maya’s idea of a perfect holiday especially the Loch Ness monster at the end! Would love to see you guys win, you definitely are the epitome of adventurers and it would great to see a brand like Mark Warner having ambassadors from all groups of Britain! Well done guys, fingers crossed 🙂

    • Nisbah says:

      Thanks for reading. We would love to be ambassadors and I would love to see a mixed group of ambassadors too! Fingers crossed, we would love the opportunity, it sounds amazing!

  19. Sazeda says:

    This is great, I love following you guys. I wear a headscarf and in recent times, saddened to say that I feel scared of travelling to places where there has been hostility, especially as travelling with young children.
    I love to read your experiences and then book our own adventures!

    • Nisbah says:

      Thanks for reading Sazeda. Thanks for reading and we love to travel and showcase these to families so to alleviate some of their worries especially when travelling with children. We’d love to be chosen and think I can see some posts of skiing with a headscarf on :

  20. Sajada Khan says:

    I truly enjoyed reading the above blog very inspirational and deserves to win the competition. A fantastic video great effort by Maya. In my view ambassadors need to be from all ethnic groups who can bring their experiences to the table and share with others.

    • Nisbah says:

      Hi Sajada, thank you for reading and your lovely comment. We are super proud of Maya. We would love to be ambassadors and I think big brands need to become more diverse in order to attract travellers from all the groups

  21. Wow, I love your video. It sounds like you really enjoy a good adventure and experiencing new stuff as a family…Fab! Good luck!
    Thanks for sharing with #LetKidsBeKids

  22. Your video is totally brilliant! You would be perfect MW ambassadors – I have everything crossed for you!

  23. You’re doing the sleepover at the NHM? I cannot wait to hear about that!! Good luck with the competition. Maya really is a clever thing, and I do love following your adventures…

    • Nisbah says:

      Hi Nell

      Thanks for reading and your comment. I loved Maya’s entry, my little adventurers inspire me daily to show them the world. The NHM was fab! so unique and really cool experience 🙂

  24. Ayesha says:

    A fantastic video and just an inspiring, informative blog! Which i love reading. With your enthusiasm and fun outlook you would make great ambassadors. best of luck!

  25. HelpfulMum says:

    Wow, what amazing adventures you have had! Good luck with your application!

    • Nisbah says:

      Hi Sian, thanks for the comment. we have been really lucky and had more adventures then I could have ever imagined! Would love for us to have some with Mark Warner, their holidays look amazing!

  26. What a fantastic video, good luck. You really have been on some amazing adventures. It’s amazing that you are happy to take the children along for the ride and don’t worry about if they are old enough yet. I hope you get to do your around the world trip.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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