For my loving husband

BEBQ-oh-my-geek-mug-web Today, marks our 8th wedding anniversary.  A LOT has happened to us in the last 8 years, we have been blessed with three, gorgeous adventurers,  travelled the world (in fact all the way around on our RTW trip),  had numerous jobs, got even more qualifications, lived away for a year and had a few downs along the road.  But back to the point of this post, my loving and gorgeous Doc.  Doc is a nice guy, the kind that will bend over backwards for anyone.  It is a blessing {sometimes a vice as he will drop anything at any time, to provide his assistance!}

I trawl Facebook and Twitter on a daily basis (stay at home mumitis) and often see many of these feel good quotes that I can apply to Doc in so many ways.  Like the above mug?  I got that as a gift for Doc, thought it was very appropriate and made me giggle out loud!  Doc has so many of the characteristics of the guys from Big Bang.   Every time they watch it at my mums, they are always saying how Doc reminds them of Raj but mostly Leonard.  Its not that he’s just a maths/science geek, his knowledge of the most random things from anything such as the Penal gland to the Zoroastrian empire is both impressive and sometimes overwhelming.  Even after all these years, when Doc says “Did you know….” the answer will always be no, but I have a feeling I’m about to find out.  Sometimes I wonder what it must be like to have a mind like that.

marriage box

Before our wedding day, we had lots of discussions about the wedding, cost etc.  Doc, is not a fan of the big wedding.  He cannot understand the thousands that people spend on just one day.  Doc’s biggest pet peeve is when people say that the wedding day is the “happiest day of your life”.  His argument is that if you have already had your happiest day then you have nothing better to look forward to, i.e. everything is downhill.  It did make me rethink about the wedding day and marriage differently.  If nothing else, Doc has a unique and simple of view of life.  I swear the man is never wrong.  After 8 years marriage I have learnt many thing and the marriage box is one of the truest summaries of marriage that I have seen.  We did have a nice wedding, but I took on the view that the day was the beginning of the rest of our journey and I still believe that there are even more happier days to look forward too.

Travel inspiration

Travel inspiration

Doc, like me, hates to live by other people’s conventions especially when people do things without questioning or thinking, just because everyone has done it that way.  One of Doc’s favourite saying is one of h Gandhi’s famous quotes “Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth.”   We and in particular Doc strives to instil in our children this need to question everything and never to follow anything blindly, an informed decision is a decision worth making!


Perfect Husband

Perfect Husband

I could spend all day, telling you what I love and cherish about Doc.  He really is one in a  million.  I am his biggest critic but I will always be his biggest supporter and fan.  Doc gives me this faith in myself, that I can achieve whatever my heart desire, and I know he would hold my hand and help me in my darkest hour.  I love him with all my heart and am thankful for the day that I met him.  So before I bore you further, here is a summary {on the left} that fits Doc to a tee!

Happy Anniversary Ash.  Love you always. xxx


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