Dino Roars!

Growing up with four boys I was always destined to be a tomboy and have a head full of the most random knowledge.  Part of this knowledge was our love of Dinosaurs.  Jurassic Park came out in the cinemas when I was 11 and was awesome, confirming my love for dinosaurs.   My love of dinosaurs wasn’t shared by Doc or Maya, so I just thought it would die a quiet death. Enter our second adventurer Raihan and we have found a dinosaur lover at the tender age of 2!  So we are always looking out for Dino activities to get him involved with.  Whilst away in Northumberland we visited Woodhorn museum which had a special dinosaur exhibition on and we had a great time.  Raihan was so convinced that they were real that he started to get a panicked with the possible impending attack of the flesh eating dinosaurs.  As we had such a good time I have been on the hunt for other dinosaur related activities and we found 3 dinosaur events in the north west.  They all look fab for any dinosaur lovers out there, so check out a little information about them below.

Dino Jaws

dinoDino Jaws is currently on exhibition in the New Dock Hall Centre in Leeds.  The exhibition is linked to the Natural History Museum and they have combined to make a fantastic exhibition.  The the main attraction is a number of animatronic dinosaurs for the children to look at to showcase what dinosaurs would have looked like in “real life”.  The focus of this exhibition is dinosaurs and their food with there being lots of interesting facts for the children to learn about. Each child visiting the exhibition, will be given a booklet which has several games for the children to play including questions that they need to find the answers from information posted at each exhibit.  Alongside the dinosaurs, there are a number of exhibits out for the children to touch and read about. There is an interactive, digitalised dig which lets the children have a go at excavating, lego (who doesn’t love lego) area to build dinos, four sand filled areas to do some real fossil hunting and a number of dino related stories and fact books.  We visited the exhibition and a full review will follow.  The recommended age range for the exhibition is 7 plus.  Having visited, I think younger children will also really enjoy the exhibit, as we went with adventurers aged 8, 5, 3 and 1 and they all had a really good time.  The exhibition is priced at £5.95 per person online and under 3s go for free.  We thought the exhibition was great and lots of thought had been put into it.  The location is lovely too, outside is a number of picnic tables and some open space which leads to the Royal Amouries.  We think about 2-3 hours can be spent in the exhibition.  We would recommend this for any dinosaur fans out there and if anyone’s got an upcoming birthday they are also offering birthday party packages!  There are a number of photographers who will take photos of your group for free and upload them onto the website for you to view.

Dinsosaur Zoo

Erth are again touring the UK with their theatre show, Dinosaur Zoo.  The show toured in 2013 and was highly successful which included a dino zoo
month in London’s Regent’s Park and winter season in London’s West End.  Dinosaur Zoo is returning this year with a show that will be great fun, captivating and engaging for all dinosaur lovers out there.  The show aims to animate the lesser known dinsoaurs that lived in the sourthern hemsphire.  The story is told by a zoo keeper who introduces various puppet dinosaurs to the audience.  Looking at the show information and the reviews the show has a nice twist as the children are able to get more involved and interact with the dinosaur puppets compared to a traditional show.  The tour also features some “Danger Zone” seats across the tour for the most daring out there.  It sounds like a fantastic show and we are attending the show in Manchester and a full review will follow then.  Here is a little video to get you in the dino mood!  The show is running in Manchester from 18th – 25th July 2014.  For dates for the rest of the tour, heres the information.

Dinosaur World

Dino-Cropped-235x180Blackpool promenade is home to the latest dinosaur attraction called Dinosaur World, located 200 yards from Blackpool Tower,.  The attraction is open all year round (with the exception of the Christmas and New Years) and is sounds  like it would be a great day out.  The attraction contains a number life size dinosaur models of the most famous dinosaurs and also some less well known ones and lets visitors learn a number of facts about them.  There are a number documentaries and films showing at the cinema for no extra charge.  Dinosaur World also has an activity area where children can design their own dinosuars, (they post quite a few on the social media sites which I think is a lovely touch!) and take part in some competitions.  The entry for a family of 5 (2adults and 3 children) is £22.40 which sounds like good value for a fun, family day out.  Also given the location, this can easily be combines with some fun at the beach.  Visitors can visit the attraction as many times as they want during the day they are visiting.


All of these three attractions would be a great day out for all dinosaur lovers out there.  Do get in touch if you visit.  We would love to hear what you thought of them.  Heres some of our memories from our visit to Dino Jaws.

photo 1


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