MomAboard Trip Planners Review

Travelling with children is fun, rewarding and so amazing but on the flip-side it does present a number of its own challenges which most people don’t consider when you are travelling solo or as couples.  For families venturing on their first trip abroad or to a country which may be a new destination for everyone, can be quite daunting.  Issues such as where to eat, medical facilities, activities for children, transport to name a few are matters which need to be considered.  Planning for trips can often put parents off especially when there is so much to consider and this is often not helped by the availability of infinite amount of information through the internet.  At Five Adventurers, we love to get families embarking on their own adventures so when we saw this new service of MomAboard trip Planners we thought we would see how good they were.  So here’s our MomAboard Trip Planners Review.

Who are MomAboard?



MomAboard is a community of Mums from across the globe, and as local mums are able to give you a true insight to the country / city in question and are a reliable and relevant source of information.  The“Mombassadors” are chosen are experts of their cities and have “been there and done it” themselves with their own children so they are the best placed to provide information and how to tackle them with children. Sometimes I am wary of people claiming to be experts but some of the mums are ones I know from blogging including Karen from Mini Travellers and Kirsten from Kids are a Trip, whose blogs and travels are always perfect for families so it gives me confidence that mums who have been chosen do travel with their children.  The information about the company all sounded great so I thought we would put the system to the test on our recent trip to Athens


How does the service work?

Momaboard provide bespoke plans for each family, based on the information you have provided.  There is a range of options available from plans for shorter holidays to 7 days, longer breaks, guides on moving abroad, to bespoke list of activities and food places.  So before we went to Athens, we completed the information online.

form momaboard

The website is great, clean and very easy to use.  I like that you are able to see information on the mums themselves, how long they have lived in the cities, and feedback from others.  From the website there is a really straight form online form you complete which asks you various information from the dates of your visit, what types of activities you like, special requirements and the ages of your children.

What you receive

Once you have completed the form and submitted payment, in a few days you receive a detailed itinerary from your Mombassador with a full, in-depth itinerary for your stay.  You are able to access the plan online via a PDF and now download the plan.  There is a lot of information covering off lots of things and was an invaluable resource.  We did everything that was suggested activity wise on the planners, even though we did a few in different order just due to timings, an ill baby (and the usual things not going to plan), so the service was really well utilised for us.

What we loved

  • Our trip to Athens ended up being rushed and the build up hadn’t gone to plan and unlike our usual travels I was unable to research and plan as much as I would have liked and this is where this service is great.  I was able to easily get a full itinerary of how best to use our time in the city and make it a fun filled weekend for the little adventurers.
  • I loved the ideas that were included.  One of the highlights of our trip was going to the oldest and first Olympic stadium in the world.  The mombassador said her daughter loved running around, so I knew my active little adventurers would adore this.  When we visited lots of people were taking pictures from outside and without this information we wouldn’t have known how child friendly and fun actually visiting the site was and may have decided against paying the entry fee and moved on to another activity.


  • The timings information was really useful.  We wanted to watch the changing of the Guard and our plan provided the timings for the special Sunday change which was really interesting to watch.  We searched on the internet when we first booked the trip but there was no actual timings so this insider information was great.


  • The days were planned really well with ideas for dinner and the evening meal each day and lots of thought had been given to the timings as how long activities would take.  I loved that each meal was somewhere different and a different type of dining experiences from restaurants to quick eateries.
  • The days before we travelled to Athens, we had poorly children and Zayn spent sometime in A&E the night before we travelled so it was great to have information about medical services to hand.
  • Money back guarantee, this highlights how much belief the owners have on the service they provide and families have the peace of mind.

What can be improved

  • I love that the planners are being updated all the time and Momaboard are actively trying to improve them based on feedback and information from the end user.  There are a few things that I think could be included:
  • Transfer information: we travel with the extended family and its often difficult to know what to do in the most cost effective way, tips around this issue would be welcome.
  • Safety: at the moment as their lots of unease around the issue of safety, having a section from a mum living in the area would be a great piece of mind for parents, and would really show families what real life is really like in that city and not just what they say in the media.
  • Rain day ideas: If this was covered off in the itinerary I think it would be a resource that would be so helpful to parents as being somewhere new, and being faced with a day of rain or unsettled weather can be stressful.  Having this information to hand as a back up would be really helpful

Is it value for money

This is the question we are always asked and I always love to be honest, for a trip of less then 7 days the cost is £35.  I know a lot of people do say that the information you can find on the internet, which you can but speaking from experience this information takes hours and hours to collate and often you still will never get a true insight as you d through these planners.  Personally I thought you do get lots of ideas of what to do and how best to spend your time in a city, ensuring that the children (and adults alike) have a memorable holiday.  Holidays abroad are are often something families do once a year and this service ensures that for a little cost you can make the most of this quality family time.  We loved our itinerary and would like to say a big thank you to the Greek Mombassador for her planner!  There area number of Momdassadors across the globe and if you are looking to plan a break to any of these cities I suggest checking out the Momaboard trip planners to help ensure you have the best trip 🙂




I am a traveller, mother and blogger. We love to go on adventures (big and small, near and far) and strive to show our children how amazing and beautiful the world is! I caught the travel bug many moons ago and despite having three little adventurers, I still suffer from "itchy" feet. We love the great outdoors and one another. Come and join the fun :)

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  1. MissPond says:

    What a fabulous resource! I don’t have much need for it now as I have the time (and lack of children) to plan our trips, but this could be so useful in the future 🙂

  2. I’d heard of the site but really interesting to see how it stacks up when you tested it – and I had expected it to cost a LOT more!

  3. Thanks for the mention. I think it is incredibly good value.

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