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The Best Halal Afternoon Tea Choices in London 2017

Afternoon Tea is a quintessentially English tradition and is upheld in its finest form in London.  As Muslim travellers we often do not consider afternoon tea as an option but there is something very decadent and luxurious about dressing up, enjoying traditional treats in gorgeous surroundings.  So we decided to compile all...


Why Muslims should travel

Why Muslims should travel I love to take my adventurers on travels all over the globe, both adventures near and far.  I love showcasing how amazing the world is and to really let my children see, experience and be a part of our global community.  Whether it be climbing on walls...


Why glamping is perfect for Muslim travellers?

Camping is an amazing way to reconnect, relax and have real quality time together.  However, for many muslim travellers and families, camping is not often viewed as an option or something they consider as a viable holiday.  Since the arrival of our little adventurers, we have become that little more...